Chancellor's Office Research Department

Meet the staff who work to build partnerships systemwide at the CSU's
Office of the Chancellor, based in Long Beach.

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Ganesh Raman, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research
Phone: 562-951-4513
E-mail: [email protected]  
Dr. Raman oversees the vision, advancement and administration of the CSU's research and scholarly mission, and is a senior member of the Academic and Student Affairs administrative team. He has initiated four major efforts to enhance CSU research: mentoring faculty in writing competitive proposals; streamlining research data; cooperation between CSU and the UC systems; and a new focus on climate change. Internationally recognized for research in aeroacoustics and flow control, and founding editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Aeroacoustics, Dr. Raman has published over 150 scholarly articles. He earned his Ph.D. in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Case Western Reserve University.

Elizabeth Soto Elizabeth Soto, Ed.D.
Director of Research Operations
Phone: 562-951-4597
E-mail: [email protected]  
As Director of Research Operations for the CSU Chancellor’s Office, Dr. Soto oversees research operations and growth while supporting research activities and operational efficiencies across the CSU system. Her responsibilities encompass administrative and programmatic aspects of research, which involves the CSU research consortia, supporting campus research and fund-seeking initiatives, and exploring initiatives to maximize research grant funding to CSU campuses.
Dr. Soto has a doctoral degree in higher education administration from Vanderbilt University. Prior to joining the Chancellor’s Office, she served in various capacities focused on research administration, including Title V Activity Director at Dominican University and Assistant Director for Research Compliance and Proposal Development at the Illinois Institute of Technology. She has also worked in support services at Wiley Education Services.

Melissa Mullen
Director of Sponsored Programs
Phone: 562-951-8452
E-mail: [email protected]  
As director of Sponsored Programs for the CSU Chancellor's Office, Mullen oversees the administration of grants and contracts and leads system-wide support for research and sponsored programs related issues. She joined the CSU system in 2007 and the Chancellor's Office in 2019. Prior to Sponsored Programs, Mullen served in a variety of research administration capacities including Director of Sponsored Programs and Sponsored Programs Compliance Officer for the California Polytechnic State University, and Contract and Grant Manager at the University of California, Santa Barbara.