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Online Course: Teaching First-Generation College Students

Estela Zarate, Ph.D., and Rebecca Gutierrez Keeton, Ph.D., faculty in the department of educational leadership at Cal State Fullerton, have develo​ped an online professional development seminar focused on evidence-based strategies for teaching that draw on the strengths of first-generation college students. In 2019, 25 faculty from nine CSU campuses are participating in the seminar.

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Center for First-Generation Student​ Success, an initiative of NASPA and the Suder Foundation.

Professional Development: CSU Reading Apprenticeship

Reading Apprenticeship (RA) is an approach to disciplinary literacy that helps students become more active, engaged, social and reflective readers and learners. In 2019, 39 faculty from 10 CSU campuses are taking RA 101 or RA in College Writing online.

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