Academic Project:

Forms for TOCA Construction Manager at Risk

Task Order Construction Agreement (TO-CA): A construction contract procurement vehicle delivery method that is used for performing multiple projects as individual tasks under a single construction master enabling agreement (MEA). Each task can be executed either as a Construction Manager at Risk (CM TO-CA); or Collaborative Design-Build (CDB TO-CA) delivery method.

  • Architect – CDB TO-CA: The Architect and the owner will not have a direct contractual relationship; however, the owner’s input will be required to complete the design. The Architect and the Design-builder have a direct contractual relationship. The owner will issue task orders for design and preconstruction services to the DB Contractor (Phase 1).
  • DB Contractor – CDB TO-CA: Upon completion of Phase 1 services and owner may issue the TO-CA construc​tion agreement (Phase 2) to the design builder.
  • Architect – CM TO-CA: The owner will execute design service agreement(s) directly with a design entity to develop the construction documents for each project. A service agreement to the design entity, outside of the TOCA MEA, and task order for services to the Contractor should be executed simultaneously.
  • Contractor – CM TO-CA: The owner will issue task orders for preconstruction services (Phase 1), and after approval of scope and GMP, the construction agreement (phase 2).
  • Project Procurement: An MEA is awarded to a contractor / Design Builder as a product of a best value selection. TO-CA is a three-year contract with a limit of $30,000,000 total maximum budget cost for all projects, including all design and preconstruction services.

These are a list of forms that are ​relevant to each build step listed on the left menu for TOCA Construction Manager at Risk​.