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Forms for Construction Manager At Risk

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) is a delivery method in which services of a construction manager(CM), a licensed contractor, are used to provide preconstruction services (Phase 1) to inform the design and a separate construction contract (Phase 2) to deliver the project. The design team develops the construction documents with the information provided by the owner and the CM at phase 1. The construction manager will commit to a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) that is developed throughout Phase 1.

  • Architect: The owner will execute service agreement(s) with design entity/entities to develop the construction documents as well as well as provide construction contract administration services during the construction phase. There is no contractual relationship between the design team and the CM.
  • CM: The owner will​ execute a preconstruction services agreement with the CM for the Phase 1, including cost management, detailed estimating, constructability reviews, and scheduling during the design phases of the project as described in the Request for Proposals (RFP). The owner may execute a separate construction agreement with the CM for the construction phase (Phase 2).
  • Construction Procurement: The Phase 2 will incorporate the developed GMP for the agreed scope, schedule, and cost of the construction work. The CM shall commit to the GMP for the agreed scope, schedule, and cost of the construction work.

These are a list of forms that are ​relevant to each build step listed on the left menu for Construction Manager At Risk​.