Academic Project:

Forms for Design Bid-Build Minor

​Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B) is the traditional method of project delivery involving a linear design, bidding, and construction phases. Project construction documents are developed first by a design entity. Documents are competitivel​y bid and the project is awarded to the contractor with the lowest price who is prequalified, responsive, and responsible.

  • Architect: The owner will execute service agreement(s) with the design entity/entities to develop the construction documents as well as provide construction contract administration services during the construction phase. There is no contractual relationship between the design team and the contractor.
  • Contractor: A separate construction agreement will be executed with the successful bidder (contractor).
  • Const​ruction Procurement (Bid): The bids will be based solely on what is depicted in the contract documents including any addenda. All bidders shall receive the same information at the same time.

These are a list of forms that are ​relevant to each build step listed on the left menu for Design Bid Build Minor​.