Capital and Infrastructure Improvements:

​​​Prequalification of Prospective Bidders

Standard Prequalification (for DB, CDB, CMR, TO-CA)


CSU is required to prequalify prospective bidders for any Trustees-managed, major capital outlay project, regardless of funding.

CSU may elect to require bidders to prequalify for minor capital outlay projects. CPDC"s Construction Mgmt group performs the prequalification of bidders to best comply with PCC section 10761, which requires the Trustees to adopt and apply a uniform system of rating bidders. Applicants are required to complete a standard questionnaire online in PlanetBids, in which they provide specific information such as license, DIR Public Wks registration number, safety data, project experience (from which reference checks are secured), and a current audited or reviewed financial statement. Once the application has been reviewed and reference checks returned, the Prequalification Coordinator sends the applicant an approval letter assigning a rating for the applicant.

If two or more prospective bidders wish to bid a project as a joint venture (JV): 

  1. All firms involved in the JV must separately submit a prequalification application online not later than 10 business days prior to SOQ opening, and register with the Dept. of Industrial Relations to bid on public works projects.
  2. The firms must all sign and submit one Affidavit of Joint Venture form five days prior to SOQ opening, and each member of the JV must be prequalified one day prior to SOQ opening. Submit the Affidavit of Joint Venture form with all members" signatures to the office that distributes the project bid documents.
  3. Only one JV member"s prequalification rating, or the combination of all JV members" prequalificatioin ratings, shall meet the project"s advertised cost.
  4.  The JV must have the required license in the name of the JV at the time of award.
  5. If attendance at the project"s prebid job walk is mandatory, only one of the firms in the JV needs to attend.


  • SUAM sections 9740-9745 
  • CM Procedures Manual-section 7, Prequalification 
  • Law of Design & Construction, section VII-Prequalification 
  • Public Contract Code sections 10760, 10761, 10763, 10764 
  • Business & Professions Code section 7029.1


Affidavit of Joint Venture, form no. 703.12 Contractors submit prequalification applications online at

Campus Responsibilities


When preparing to advertise the project, using the appropriate notice to contractors form for the project delivery method, campuses shall e-mail project notices to contractors to the Prequalification Coordinator, at [email protected]

Campus is responsible to include in the project advertisement any project specific or technical prequalification requirements. In consultation with the Prequalification Coordinator, campus shall draft the supplemental prequalification application, include it in the specification, and post the application online, for bidder access.

Campus shall not post the project"s bid proposal package online unless it has a sample overlay, at least for the bid proposal form in accordance with Public Contract Code section 10764.


  • SUAM section 9740 (send NTC to PQ Coordinator)
  • SUAM section 9740.02 (Include in NTC special/technical prequal requirements)
  • Public Contract Code, section 10764 (provide bid proposal package to prequalified contractors only)


Notice to Contractors