Capital and Infrastructure Improvements:


Prebid Meeting (for DB, CDB, CMR, TO-CA)


Attendees: Construction Administrator (CA), Campus Reps, and others as needed) 

Discuss preparing documents for advertising and bidding project; i.e. select delivery method, project schedule, phasing, select RFQ/RFQ review committee, etc. Prepare RFQ/RFQ documents to include sufficient information for contractors to respond to RFQ/RFP: Division 1, Contract General Conditions, Supplementary General Conditions, calendar of events, such as date and time that: RFQ responses are due; RFQ shortlist is published, RFP responses are due; distribution of RFQ and RFP, advertising dates, contract duration, liquidated damages, job walkthrough and contractor license requirements. contractor license, liquidated damages, addenda, insurance, etc. It is important to note in the schedule the date for the BOT approval of Schematic Design.

Prior to seeking approval to proceed to bid, the Construction Administrator shall carefully review the project budget, Bid Proposal Form and advertisement. Construction Administrator shall then compile the prebid approval package for Department Director/AVP or VP Administration"s careful review and approval to proceed to bid the project.


  • State Administrative Manual (SAM), section 6872;
  • SUAM sections 9721-9721.10;
  • CM Procedures Manual (CA), section 3, Prebid;
  • Bus & Prof Code, sections 7056(A), 7057(B), 7058(C),
  • Contractors State License Board Regulation 832


Approval to Proceed to Bid, Statement of Finances Prior to Bid, Prevailing Wage Cover Page, Prebid Meeting Agenda (700.01), Temporary Facilities Checklist (700.03), Construction Bid Information form (700.02-used for architect front-end letter), the advertisement (Notice Inviting Bids-700.06), and putting together the Bid/Fee Proposal Package, see Prepare bid packages for distribution.

Advertising the Project


Campuses must advertise all projects in the California State Contracts Register (using Dept. of General Services website, Cal eProcure) and run two weeks, but a longer period may be designated. It is recommended that the publication of the first ad coincide with the date that documents are available to bidders, the 2nd ad would follow one week later.

Campus must also advertise the project in one of the following two ways:

  1. campus will use newspaper advertising, advertising once a week for two consecutive weeks in a trade newspaper of general circulation, one published in Los Angeles, and one in San Francisco, and in one newspaper of general circulation published in the county for the campus on which the project is bidding); OR 
  2. Campus may advertise online through the PlanetBids Public Solicitation Portal.

NOTE: if quickly rebidding a project after an unsuccessful 1st bid due to a bid ambiguity or other minor cause, issue an addendum, fixing the minor error, and setting the rebid date. Transmit the revised bid proposal package with the addendum to the original bidders. In this situation, you do not need to re-advertise the project. 

Content of Ads: For electronic ads, use the entire Notice to Contractors; for print ads, use Notice Inviting Bids form (to reduce ad cost).  

Relevant websites: 


  • SUAM sections 9723-9723.03, Advertising Public Works Projects
  • CM Procedures Manual: 
    • section 5 - Request for Approval to: Proceed to Bid, Advertise, and Authorization to print front-end documents, 
    • section 6 -  Newspaper Ads. Public Contract Code sections 10742 & 10743 (ads); Public Contract Code section 3300 (specify license in ad);


Notice to Contractors, Bid Proposal Form; Abstract of Bids; Bid Proposal Package (to include documents as itemized under Prepare Bid Packages for Distribution)