Auxiliaries & Philanthropic Support

Auxiliary Organizations​

Auxiliary organizations are entrepreneurial and service-oriented, providing a wide array of support services, programs and facilities that further the educational mission of the CSU. There are 92 self-supporting auxiliary organizations which operate without state General Fund money and are organized on each campus as separate legal entities.

In 2020-21:

  • Auxiliaries managed approximately 25% of the CSU’s total combined assets.
  • Auxiliaries revenues represented approximately 20% of CSU’s total combined revenues.
  • Auxiliaries managed approximately 17% of CSU’s total combined revenues from contracts and grants.

For more information about CSU auxiliaries, visit calstate.edu/csu-system/auxiliary-organizations/.

Philanthropic Support​​

In 2020-21, philanthropic giving to the CSU broke records for the third year in a row. The university received over $634 million in gift commitments and a new all-time high of $533 million in gift receipts. This robust support, even as California and the nation navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrates the steadfast confidence that many have in the university to create lasting success.

In 2020-21:

  • Gifts from individuals totaled almost $199 million from 246,236 individual donors.
  • Gifts from alumni made up 40% of individual giving, with $79 million in contributions.
  • Gifts from organizations totaled $354 million, including $133 million from foundations.
  • Almost $73 million from corporations, including 2,399 matching gifts, were received.
  • The CSU received the largest gift in its 61-year history of $135 million from philanthropist and novelist MacKenzie Scott and her husband Dan Jewett.
  • Total endowment market value reached $2.4 billion university-wide, surpassing $2 billion for the first time.​