Auxiliaries & Philanthropic Support

Auxiliary Organizations​

Auxiliary organizations1 provide a wide array of support services, programs and facilities that further the educational mission of the CSU. Funds are used to facilitate students’ co-curricular activities, administer research programs, operate student unions, support recreational programs, coordinate commercial enterprises and develop public-private partnerships on behalf of the university. The 93 self-supporting auxiliary organizations operate without state General Fund money and are organized on each campus as separate legal entities.

In 2021-22:

  • The CSU’s auxiliary organizations reported $6.37 billion in aggregate assets—24 percent of the CSU’s total combined assets. Most of these assets were held by philanthropic foundations with $3.38 billion of total assets mainly from endowment investments.
  • Auxiliary organizations’ net position (i.e., equity) was $4.33 billion, of which $3.03 billion is restricted by external parties (i.e., donor endowments). This represents 95.33 percent of CSU’s combined restricted net position.
  • The aggregate revenue from grants, contracts and gifts was $1.07 billion, which represents 21 percent of CSU’s combined total grant, contract and gift revenues.

Learn more at auxiliary.calstate.edu.

Philanthropic Support​​

In 2021-22, the CSU’s donors provided steady philanthropic support. The university received more than $567 million in gift commitments and more than $473 million in gift receipts. Through their contributions, our donors underscore their trust in the university to create long-lasting success for our students, their families and communities across the state and nation.

Highlights of giving in 2021-22:

  • Gifts from 238,608 individual donors totaled almost $189 million.
  • Gifts from alumni comprised 38 percent of individual giving, with $71.6 million in contributions.
  • Gifts from organizations totaled $284 million, including $83 million from foundations and nearly $115 million from corporations.
  • The total endowment market value remains strong at $2.3 billion systemwide, providing support for programs and students in perpetuity.

Learn more at calstate.edu/donorsupport​