Research and Community Impact

CSU students are encouraged to apply the knowledge gained in the ​classroom to find solutions to real-world problems through involvement in applied research and service-learning. Under the guidance of world renowned faculty who are experts in their fields, students develop leadership skills while benefiting their communities.

Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity

  • Research, scholarship and creative activities are intrinsic to the CSU. These hands-on opportunities provide a high-quality education where students can engage with course content, develop and test hypotheses and push boundaries.
  • The CSU is distinctive for making this high-impact practice available to undergraduate and graduate students through an experiential learning model in which students work with faculty scholars on research, scholarship and creative projects.
  • The CSU’s impact on California is also evident through the work of its 10 multi-campus affinity groups. They conduct research on a breadth of topics essential to the state—from agriculture and biotechnology to ocean and desert life.
  • Research, scholarship and creative activities also enable the CSU to maintain faculty excellence by recruiting and retaining top-tier, world-class faculty. Alongside students, CSU faculty stimulate innovation and create new knowledge, keeping curricula at the leading-edge of its respective disciplines. Research also provides faculty an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in their discipline through peer-reviewed awards, presentations, performances and publications.

Stay up-to-date on new research developments at: calstate.edu/impact-of-the-csu/research

Community Engagement at the CSU

The California State University has been partnering with their local communities since the first campus was founded in 1857. With the establishment of the CSU Center for Community Engagement (CCE) in 1998, these partnerships have prepared one million CSU graduates to be change makers across California’s rich and diverse communities. Today, CCE actively advances the CSU’s commitment to inclusivity, equity and student success through high-quality community programs and scholarship. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019-20, when most community engagement placements were either canceled or moved to remote:

  • Centers for Community Engagement and Service-Learning, in partnership with 1,167 CSU faculty and 5,400 community organizations, made available nearly 3,200 service-learning courses.
  • 64,000 CSU students—13% of the total student population—contributed 934, 000 hours of service to their communities through service-learning.