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Internship Course

Most companies require you to be earning school credit while you are interning. 
We provide a low cost way of making that happen. 
$200 flat for 3 units - transferrable to any campus - open to any grade levelincluding post-grad!

​This is a purely online course, available Fall, Spring, & Summer semesters. 
Spring 2023 Registration is now open (link and info below)!​

Course Requirements

  • You must secure your own internship in order to participate in the course.
  • This course is designed for students who need credit or verification of being a student.
  • You are responsible for ensuring (with your counselor / department head) that your units are eligible for transfer to your CSU. Most are, but it is always good to be sure beforehand if the credits are something you need.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 100 hours per semester, which works out to roughly 7 hours a week during the Spring or Fall, more for the Summer. Make sure you schedule enough hours to fulfill this requirement. You can work more than 100 hours, if this is what is required from their internship site or if it is something you want to do.
  • Social Media Participation is required. Follow @CSUEA on TwitterFacebook, & Instagram so you can have first access to resources and opportunities.
  • Please keep in mind that all forms must be completed through Submittable (instructions below) and there is NO iLEARN for this course.


There will be a few suggested readings and videos about making the most of internships, writing resumés, problem solving at the workplace and preparing for interviews. These readings were chosen with the idea of empowering students as they prepare for the job market, including thinking strategically about ​how to approach it, and develop a thoughtful, organized, and proactive plan for job hunting.

  • Advice from Employers - A PDF full of direct advice from employers like Disney, Sirius XM, NBCUniversal, Endemol Shine, Young Hollywood, and so many more!
  • Hollywood Game Plan - A short book by our Advisory Council Member Carole Kirschner on "How to Land a Job in Film, TV and Digital Entertainment".​​
  • Intern Insider - A short book about how to make the most of your time as an intern in the entertainment field.


There are four forms that need to be completed over the course of your internship including:

  • An intitial application/agreement on Submitta​ble​. On this form, there will be a place to send an agreement to your employer for them to fill out.
  • A midterm report - will be sent to you through your Submittable application.
  • A final report - will be sent to you through your Submittable application.
  • ​​​​​​Supervisor Evaluation - This form is sent directly to the supervisor through the completion of your Final Report near the end of the semester. ​Please remind your Supervisor at least one week before the deadline.
  • ​​Instructions for starting your Submittable Forms​


​​​​​​Spring 2023:  Jan 25​ - May​ 26
  • ​​January 4: Registration begins! Official dates and links will be up soon.
    • ​​​Please be sure to pay within 24 hours of registering with SFSU's College of Extended Learning to avoid being dropped from the course (instructions below).
    • Full Syllabus coming soon!​
  • February 10: Internship Agreement Due (through Submittable).
  • March 24: Midterm Due (on Submittable).
  • May 12: Final Due (on Submittable) - this needs to be completed EVEN IF you continue interning past this date.
  • May 19​: Employer Evaluation Due (on Submittable) - this needs to be completed​ EVEN IF you continue interning past this date. ​​​

​​**There is no iLearn for this Class - all forms and course assignments are done on Submittable**​
**Please remember to register for the class below on the left and pay as soon as possible to avoid being dropped from the roster**

Spring 2023 Class Number: 10631

When Registering, if you cannot locate the class, please search for "LCA 576"

For information on how transfer your units, please visit: -- info can be found under the "transcripts" section.