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​November 2022​​​

11/3  ​​​​Animation Show of Shows - Rerun:​​ After a two-year Covid hiatus, the Animation Show of Shows returns to theaters and campuses across North America this fall. This 90-minute, 22nd edition comprises 10 films -- nine recent, along with one restored classic -- which deal with both the anxieties and hopes of a world faced with a seemingly endless series of existential crises. All are inventive, and their tone ranges from the whimsical to the profound; their techniques, from stop-motion to hand-drawn to computer-aided.​

11/8  Preparing the Next-gen Workforce For Media and​ Entertainment In-person ​​Meetup:​​ Looking at the education and career path for students and comparing the needs of the M&E industry for tomorrow's workforce.

11/9 - 11/10  Paramont's Multicultural Media Summit:​​ Join us as we bring students from across the country together for an insider look at what it's like to work at Paramount!​

11/10  Post-Screening Discussion of COUP 53:​​ COUP 53 (Taghi Amirani, 2019), a documentary on the US and British-backed coup in Iran of 1953 that overthrew the democratically-elected Mohammad Mossadegh will be available for streaming online November 7-10, 2023.  Registration is required. The film is relevant to the moment we're witnessing in Iran and this will be part of the online discussion with Dr. Maziar Behrooz (SFSU History) and Dr. Ervand Abrahamian (an expert on this history and a professor at CUNY) on Thursday, November 10th, 2023 at 4:40 PST.

11/10  Elevating Your First Impression:​​ Get a taste of our program's soft skills classes by learning how to effectively and proudly talk about yourself, own your unique story, and authentically share out your career journey during interviews.​​​​​

11/15  Telling ​​​​​Collaborative Stories with ​​Extraordinary Adobe Stock Video:​​ ​Join us to learn how creative organizations are increasing their content velocity by relying on three things to scale their workflows: Seamless collaboration, a fail-proof tech stack, and high-quality Adobe Stock video.​

11/15  Identifying Your Superpower!:​​ ​Everyone has a distinct set of superpowers but most people have not invested the time to reflect on and identify what theirs are. This session will provide you with three tangible approaches you can take to help you identify your superpowers and understand how knowing your superpowers can support you in achieving your personal and career goals.​

11/16  Establishing a Growth Mindset:​​ We're here to help recent college graduates understand how having a growth mindset (versus a fixed mindset) can support you in launching your career.​

11/16​  eLBX Onl​ine - Global VR Edition:​​ ​Our International Partners and their clients are seeing smashing successes with training projects built in CenarioVR! Join us for an international edition of our ELBX Online virtual conference series and hear five different VR training case studies from Italy, Sweden, and more!​

11/17​  Music Royalties with the MLC:​​ ​This masterclass will feature a presentation and Q&A with an official at the Mechanical Licensing Collective, and I​t will focus on the rights, entitlements, and royalties associated with music copyright in the US. This masterclass is a must-see for musicians and those​​ looking to work in the music industry!​

11/17​  GEI Info Session with The CSUEA:​​ ​Founded by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, GEI strives to create a pipeline for members of underrepresented communities to get real experience toward lasting careers within the entertainment industry.​​ Join us for this great opportunity to meet with GEI Program Coordinators, Sarah Marin, and Em Pennington, to learn more about what GEI has to offer for students who are interested in pursuing careers in entertainment!

11/18  Music Video Production​ Info Session:​​ Join us for a fireside chat with Executive Producer and Grammy-winning Music Video Producer, Candice Dragonas, who will discuss her career journey, key aspects of her job, and advice for those preparing for a career in the business of producing music videos!​

​DECEMBER 2022​​

​​​​​​​​​​12/1 ​ Television Academy to Hold an Industry-Wide Summit on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion This December: ​​The summit, which will take place Dec. 1, will target DEI professionals in the industry – “to meet, network, share ideas and collaborate to work towards a more inclusive and equitable industry, increasing the visibility, equity and power for those marginalized and underrepresented,” according to the Academy.​

​​​​​​​​​​12/1 ​ Television Academy Summer 2023 Internship Information Session: ​​Are you a student or educator/advisor with students looking for a career in the television industry? The Television Academy Foundation offers an eight-week, paid, extraordinary summer internship program with hands-on experience, professional development, networking, and more. Join us on December 1 for a webinar led by Nancy Robinson, Director of Education Programs, and Intern Alums to learn more about our program categories, host companies, and application process!​

12/7  ​​Netflix Fireside Chat - Intersection of Tech and Entertainment:​​ WiSTEM LA hosts a panel discussion with women at the intersection of storytelling and technology. Hear about their career journeys as well as learn about career opportunities for those interested in entertainment and media.​

12/8  ​​Professional Etiquette:​​ Want to feel more prepared for your career after graduation? We’ll share interview & email writing tips, and what to expect during your first few months on the job.​​​​​​

12/9​  ​​COOP Careers Info Session:​​ Every college grad deserves a fair shot at a meaningful, upwardly mobile career. Yet nationwide, half of the college graduates (ages 21-27) are unemployed or underemployed. COOP closes the social capital gap by recruiting and investing deeply in diverse, low-income, and first-generation graduates. Learn more about COOP's approach to building technical skills; community; and jumpstarting careers in business development, digital marketing, and data analytics.​

12/9​  ​​Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP) Info Session:​​ Join us on Friday, December 9th @ 12 PM for an inside look into our Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP) and the world of Technical Direction featuring PUP alum and current Technical Directors -- Alyssa Minko, Jeremy Paton, and Mara MacMahon. Time will be reserved at the end for Q&​A.​

January​ 2023​​

1/5  ​​​COOP Alumni Panel:​​ Come connect with COOP Alumni who are currently working in the tech industry. Learn from their experiences as post-program COOPers navigating the digital landscape.​

1/9  I Didn't See You There:​​ When a circus tent goes up outside his Oakland apartment, a disabled filmmaker launches into a meditative journey exploring the history of freakdom, vision, and (in)visibility. Shot from the director's physical perspective - mounted to his wheelchair or handheld - I Didn't See You There serves as a clear rebuke to the norm of disabled people being seen and not heard. Winner, 2022 Sundance, U.S. Documentary Director, and Grand Jury Prize nominee; Cinema Eye’s 2022 Unforgettables List, and recent Gotham Award nominees. This feature will be accompanied in its broadcast by the short The Beautiful Colors of Jeremy Sicile-Kira. Watch I Didn’t See You There on January 9, available to stream for 30 days on and the PBS Video app.

1/9  Getting into Sundance - A Conversation with Ki​m Yutani:​​ Join Kim Yutani, Sundance Film Festival Director of Programming, and Meagan Keane, Adobe Pro Video Director of Product Marketing, for a discussion of what goes into programming the Sundance Film Festival and sneak peek into the films, filmmakers and events coming to the 2023 Festival, January 19-29.​

​​1/12  ​​​​The 11th Annual Paramount + GEI I Have A Dream Day:​​ Paramount will be hosting their 11th Annual, I Have A Dream Day in collaboration with GEI on Thursday, January 12, 2023, from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM PT. Meet professionals from Paramount Pictures Studios as they share their non-traditional career paths in entertainment! Hear their stories, ask questions and learn how they overcame difficulties and persevered toward their professional goals. Light snacks and water will be provided.​ The deadline to RSVP is January 2nd, 2023.

1/14 ​​​​​ NFMLA​ Panel | Film Independent Documentary Lab - Monthly Film Festival:​​ Join NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) for a conversation with the team at Film Independent about the Film Independent Documentary Lab, which advances the careers of documentary filmmakers by introducing them to professionals and helping them strategize for the completion, distribution, and marketing of their films. We will discuss the program, which includes workshops and sessions with guest speakers, established documentary directors, institutional funders, legal professionals, festival programmers, and distributors. The day starts with InFocus: Counter-Ageism Shorts, a collection of films that tell stories of age and aging from all over the world, capturing protagonists as they navigate changing circumstances, recall pivotal life moments, find their truth, and defy the societal expectations of age.​

1/19  ​​​​The Rally to Inspire Student Talent:​​ The day before the Conference listed below we will host a virtual rally for industry professionals to share career experiences and advice to energize and inspire students for a sports career. ​​

1/20  ​​​The Sports Industry Talent Incubator:​​ "The Sports Industry Talent Incubator" is a virtual conference designed to accelerate college student readiness for careers in sports business. This Conference will introduce students to tried and true career principles and will be focused on developing student skills and character qualities for career success.​

1​/20  ​​​​COOP Spring 2023 Cohort Deadline:​ The 4-month digital apprenticeship program will provide training in 1 of 3 career tracks: Business Development in Sales, Data Analytics, or Digital Marketing. Workshops and a supportive holistic program model will prepare for a breakout in the tech industry.

1​/26  Meet Steve Wozniak and attend the Silicon Valley Video Summit:​ Apple Computer Co-Founder Steve Wozniak is hosting a special SMPTE Keynote at the first Silicon Valley Video Summit, on Jan. 26 in Mountain View, CA. All film/video and media students are invited to attend the show beginning at 3 pm at the Computer History Museum. The event is free but registration is limitedStudents will also be able to network with industry professionals and sit in on sessions on remote video production, and virtual production. 

​February​ 2023​​​

2/1​0 - 2/11  2023 BRIC Summit:​ The Summit’s goal is to bring a community of thought provokers together from different facets of the entertainment, media, and tech industries to collectively solve how we support and nurture up-and-coming talent – as it pertains to women and historically excluded groups. The BRIC Summit will be packed with engaging speakers and solutions-driven workshops for industry professionals and up-and-coming talent, providing access and education from experts in the field representing the world’s most iconic entertainment brands.​ Day One will be on the 10th, while the 11th will be focused on our Global Talent and Education Day. RVSP now!​

​2/1​​6  Meet Visual Arts, Design, and Digital Media Virtual Career and Internship Fair:​ All companies, businesses, and organizations in the fields of visual arts, design, and digital media and communication are invited to register for this event to meet students and potential candidates. This is a great opportunity to meet students in the visual arts, design, digital media, and communication fields and majors.​

March 2023​​

3/4  CSU Wide eSports Tournament:​ Esports Cal State is planning to host a Rocket League tournament in the first-ever eSports Cal State Cup, next Spring 2023. The tournament will be streamed on Twitch at Please fill out all questions on the interest form if you are interested in potentially competing in this tournament.​​

3/16  Business. Communications, and Computer Science Career and Internship Fair: Registration is now open for the Business, Communication, and Computer Science Career and Internship Fair at California State University, East Bay on March 16, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This event is open to computer science, business, and communication students at CSU East Bay. Employers in private or public business, federal, state, local government, non-profit businesses, and organizations who are recruiting primarily in business, STEM, healthcare, law enforcement, communications, engineering, construction management, IT, and other related fields are encouraged to attend and should register as soon as possible as space is limited.​



House of Blues Music Forward Foundation/Live Nation Music Industry Webinars - Ongoing events calendar 

Sundance Collab's Writer's Cafe: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9-10:30 AM PT from June 1- 29th 2020 - Writers from around the globe continue to converge on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in our Writers' Café for an hour of dedicated writing followed by an optional half-hour meetup.  

Sundance Collab's Free Master Classes - Spend three hours with the best in the industry learning about all things filmmaking, exclusively on Sundance Collab.  

Sundance Collab/ Film / Screenwriting Events - Connect to Sundance Co//ab resources, events, and creators both online and in the real world 

Variety Screening Room - "Rebooting The Entertainment Industry" Events  

Winston Baker: Webinars on Entertainment related topics! Since the start of the shelter-in-place, Winston Baker has been putting together some fantastic virtual events. You can find out about upcoming ones, or go back and watch previous ones (like an interview with SFSU Alum Danny Glover) at the link above. Many of their events are free, but if you want to attend one that costs, please e-mail Haley Seppa at for a discount code! 

Writers Guild Foundation  From panels to workshops, the WG Foundation is giving you access to the top film and TV writers in the industry in these free virtual events.



TVOT - TV of Tomorrow Show | San Francisco, CA

Over the past few years, TVOT and TVOT NYC have become the leading venues for agencies, brands, broadcasters, content owners, and ad tech companies to explore the complex interrelationships between audience measurement, big data, and advanced advertising. The shows also provide multiple opportunities for TV and video professionals to examine the potential of significant new technologies, such as ATSC 3.0/Next-Gen TV, 5G, autonomous vehicles, Blockchain, artificial intelligence/machine learning, voice assistants, VR/AR, and more. Additionally, the shows have become one of the very few places where established TV players can meet and network with the creative and business communities that have emerged on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, TikTok, and other social-video platforms to address the rapidly evolving viewing habits and programming preferences of Millennials and Gen Z.

Click here for more info!

TBD - SAGAftra 101 & Actors Panel | Los Angeles, CA

The CSU Entertainment Alliance has teamed up with SAG-AFTRA to offer another exciting, informative, and FREE event for Cal State entertainment arts & media studies! Learn from some of the industry's leading actors on how to go from campus to a successful career & gain valuable insight into entertainment industry unions. Plus, FREE lunch!

Click here for more info!