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​EVENT Listings:​

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​August 2022​​

​​​​​​​​8/17 ​ ​Master Class: The Sound & Music of the Daniels’ Everything Everywhere All at Once | Presented by The Dolby Institute​​​​: ​​Join Glenn Kiser, Director of the Dolby Institute, and accomplished composer, Peter Golub, who will moderate a conversation with Everything Everywhere All At Once directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, re-recording mixer and supervising sound editor, Brent Kiser, sound designer and sound effects editor, Andrew Twite, and Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang, the three members of the band, Son Lux, who composed the original, spellbinding score. In this live, interactive session, they'll discuss the process by which composers and sound designers can build the world with the filmmaker and be an essential part of shaping a film’s story.

​September 2022​​

​: ​​Join Adobe for an exciting virtual panel with filmmaker and social media influencer Devin Graham who produces adventure and extreme sport videos on YouTube under the name Devinsupertramp. His videos consist of thrilling short films, insane stunts, and video games in real life, taking place all around the world. Learn about Devin's video production workflow and how he's amassed over 6.1 million followers on YouTube, g​​arnered over 3 billion views on social media, and worked with more than 100 global brands. He'll discuss his career path and give advice on how to succeed as a professional filmmaker and ​editor.

​​​​​​​​​​9/17 ​ ​​​An Intro to Post-Production in Hollywood​
​​​: ​​Join Pipelines & The CSU Entertainment Alliance on Saturday, September 17 at 11am PST for a conversation with post-production professionals in Hollywood!

​​​​​​​​​​9/22​ ​ The Power of Authenticity with Social Media Vi​deos​​​
​: ​​Join us on Thursday, September 22nd at 10am (PDT) / 1pm (EDT) to learn about the latest social media video campaigns and trends from some of the world’s biggest brands. You’ll hear first-hand from Delta Airlines and the Kin agency on the production and impact of one of their most recent social campaigns. You'll also hear from an Adobe stock video artist on how they create authentic and engaging video content that resonates with audiences around the world.

​octoBER 2022​​

​​​​​​​​​​10/3​ ​ ​Dolby U on Campus!
 (on SFSU Campus)​​​​: ​​Come learn about the available internships, jobs, and opportunities at Dolby!

​​​​​​​​​​10/6​ ​ ​Smithsonian Hip Hop Anthology Panel (on SFSU Campus)​​​​: ​​Join the authors of the Smithsonian Anthology of Hip Hop and Rap for a panel discussion on their new project!

​​​​​​​​​​8/15 - 10/25 ​ ​​​​​​Campus Movie Fest (on San Jose State University campus)​
​​​: ​​Click on link to register!​

​DecEMBER 2022​​

​​​​​​​​​​12/1 ​ Television Academy to Hold an Industry-Wide Summit on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion This December​
​​​: ​​Join Adobe The summit, which will take place Dec. 1, will target DEI professionals in the industry – “to meet, network, share ideas and collaborate to work towards a more inclusive and equitable industry, increasing the visibility, equity and power for those marginalized and underrepresented,” according to the Academy.​



House of Blues Music Forward Foundation/Live Nation Music Industry Webinars - Ongoing events calendar 

Sundance Collab's Writer's Cafe: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9-10:30 AM PT from June 1- 29th 2020 - Writers from around the globe continue to converge on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in our Writers' Café for an hour of dedicated writing followed by an optional half-hour meetup.  

Sundance Collab's Free Master Classes - Spend three hours with the best in the industry learning about all things filmmaking, exclusively on Sundance Collab.  

Sundance Collab/ Film / Screenwriting Events - Connect to Sundance Co//ab resources, events, and creators both online and in the real world 

Variety Screening Room - "Rebooting The Entertainment Industry" Events  

Winston Baker: Webinars on Entertainment related topics! Since the start of the shelter-in-place, Winston Baker has been putting together some fantastic virtual events. You can find out about upcoming ones, or go back and watch previous (like an interview with SFSU Alum Danny Glover) at the link above. Many of their events are free, but if you want to attend one that costs, please e-mail Haley Seppa at for a discount code! 

Writers Guild Foundation  From panels to workshops, the WG Foundation is giving you access to the top film and TV writers in the industry in these free virtual events.



TVOT - TV of Tomorrow Show | San Francisco, CA

Over the past few years TVOT and TVOT NYC have become the leading venues for agencies, brands, broadcasters, content-owners and adtech companies to explore the complex interrelationships between audience measurement, big data, and advanced advertising. The shows also provide multiple opportunities for TV and video professionals to examine the potential of significant new technologies, such as ATSC 3.0/Next-Gen TV, 5G, autonomous vehicles, Blockchain, artificial intelligence/machine learning, voice assistants, VR/AR, and more. Additionally, the shows have become one of the very few places where established TV players can meet and network with the creative and business communities that have emerged on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, TikTok and other social-video platforms to address the rapidly evolving viewing habits and programming preferences of Millennials and Gen Z.

Click here for more info!

TBD - SAGAftra 101 & Actors Panel | Los Angeles, CA

The CSU Entertainment Alliance has teamed up with SAG-AFTRA to offer another exciting, informative and FREE event for Cal State entertainment arts & media studies studies! Learn from some of the industry's leading actors on how to go from campus to successful career & gain valuable insight into entertainment industry unions. Plus, FREE lunch!

Click here for more info!​