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BLM, Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion​

Black Lives Matter, Social Justice, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion RESOURCES

Call For Entries! SF Youth Film Uprising:​ Applications for San Francisco's First Youth-led Film Festival! Are you passionate about social issues from Black Lives Matter to environmental justice? Your voice is important right now, it’s time to tell your story. No prior experience is needed and your film doesn’t need to be polished. We believe anyone can be a filmmaker as long as they have a story. First-time filmmakers, those planning to use their phones to make a film, and anyone with interest are encouraged to apply!⁣  Go to @sfyouthfilmuprising on Instagram for details and where to submit (link in their bio).

3 Percent Movement​ - Until The 3% Movement came along, only 3% of Creative Directors were women. And very few were people of color. We're changing the ratio because the more varied the people who come up with ideas, the better the ideas will be. In a world where women influence upwards of 80% of consumer spending and 60% of social media sharing, this is business suicide. Through a mix of content, community, and professional development, we've helped raise the number of female CDs to 29% while giving agencies a clear road map of ways to champion female creative talent and leadership. Our movement includes a 2-day annual fall conference, one-day MiniCons in cities around the world, a Certification Program, agency consulting programs, a vibrant online community, a live Super Bowl Tweetup, a student scholarship fund, a business blog, and more.​

The Best Resources for Black Entrepreneurs​ - The organizations included in the link offer a wealth of resources for Black entrepreneurs, including funding, education, and robust networking opportunities.​

Free the Work​ - In 2016, director Alma Har’el founded Free the Work as a response to her own experience of the ad industry's hiring inequalities. The pledge prompted brands and their agencies to include at least one woman among the three directors bidding for every commercial job. These commitments led to measurable increases in the number of women creators considered and hired for major ads. Now that our approach to fighting systemic bias has begun to see success in the advertising industry, we're setting our sights on more expansive horizons. More industries. More forms of storytelling. More creators from more underrepresented backgrounds. More data. More minds are blown. Most of all, better work.

Inclusion 101 for Gaming Clubs - AnyKey created Inclusion 101 with folks from a wide range of gaming groups in mind. This guide is for professional esports players, college varsity teams, intramural clubs, tournament admins, event producers, stream squads, and more. They offer online training and downloadable materials designed to foster inclusion in any group that is united by their shared focus on gameplay.​

Resources to Help Empower Asian and Pacific Islander Communities​

Writers Guild of America​ West​ - Inclusion and Equity​ advocacy for industry personnel for representation, equity, and a positive image of historically underemployed writers.


Accredited Schools Online: LGBTQ+ Student Resources & Support - Resources and information about support systems available to help them navigate both high school and college environments.

Adobe: Adobe Education Exchange ​-​ Resources to Learn and Create for Social Justice​

Adobe Education Exchange: "Twenty & Odd" short film and student learning resources. This short film and companion guide were created by 6 African-American women and the National Parks Service with the goal of portraying 400 years of the African-American experience.

Amazon Prime Video: Honor Juneteenth with Black Voice and Stories​

Annuity Payment Freedom: Black Business Grants & Minority Resources​ for small businesses​

The Anti-Oppression Network: What is Allyship?​

Apple TV app: Free movies, shows, and docs that honor Black lives, you’ll also find themed collections that spotlight Black directors, chronicle the ongoing civil rights struggle, celebrate excellence and more

Ava DuVernay's Array Film Studio: "ARRAY 101: FREE social justice, advocacy, and impact learning guides and supplemental learning materials for Array’s film and television content suitable for students from ages 9 to adult"​

BE Conference:  Hear from actress, director, producer, and CS​UN Alumna Eva Longoria and how she called on Hollywood to do more to actively fight racism in the keynote for The Wrap​​

Best Colleges: College Guide for LGBTQ Students- This guide covers applying to college as an LGBTQ student, insightful resources, expert interviews, and even scholarships!

Beauty Schools Directory: First-generation student guide

BIPOC DOC Editors: Find an editor for your next project to promote the priority of an inclusive edit room from the top.

"Black Cinema Matters: Black films have championed Black lives for over 100 years—while white America studiously ignored them.” By Dr. Artel Great- SFSU Cinema Professor article

Black Lives Matter Universal Resources: Card for different resources, petitions, donating, etc. in relation to BLM on what you can do to educate yourself and take action​​

Black Public Media

Blackque247: A Melanated Resource for Blacks in the Creative Space. A resource hub for black creatives. Blackque247 is the one-stop resource to find seasoned Black creatives across marketing, PR, and entertainment.​​

Black TV & Film Collective

Black Theatre United: The black theatre community helping to protect black people, black talent, and black lives of all shapes and orientations in theatre and communities across the country 

Blk Womn Animator: Youtube channel on all things animation, resources, and tips

The Broadcast Association: Broadcast Education Association's (BEA) Diversity Links and Resources page​
Brown Girls Doc Mafia​

California State University, Long Beach: The History Behind June Nineteenth​

Cinema and TV Experts Examine TV’s Role in Racism: Anthony Sparks - As a Black actor, writer, producer, and current showrunner for the Ava DuVernay- and Oprah Winfrey-produced television series "Queen Sugar," the associate professor of cinema and television arts at Cal State Fullerton has both experienced the effects of stereotyping and worked to flip the script.”​​

College Candy: 10 Racial Justice Documentaries You Should Watch​

College Recruiter77% of students want practical experience in next 6 months ​ Web-based version of a workbook designed originally to support the Dismantling Racism workshop offered by Dismantling Racism Works, a training collaborative that is not offering workshops or consulting support at this time​

Distractify: Want to learn more about Black Lives Matter? Watch these movies parades- "The Anti-racist Starter Pack: Documentaries, Movies, TEDTalks, and Books to add to your list" an initiative launched as a collective effort of Brown Girls Doc Mafia, The Black TV & Film Collective, Hue You Know, Stay Gold Features, the Department of Motion Pictures, and Cinereach. intends to be a comprehensive tool that links productions to BIPOC-led databases centering BIPOC professionals. We feature BIPOC-led organizations because they demonstrate expertise, insight, and a deep commitment to their respective professional communities.​


Do The Bay: Listen and Learn: Shows, Movies & Podcasts to Dive Deeper into Anti-Racism

Everyday Feminism: School for Social Justice: Online Learning for Healing, Justice, and Liberation​

Everyday Feminism: 4 Reasons ‘People of Color’ Isn’t Always the Best Choice of Words

Fast Company: These 7 Courses by Black Women will teach you to recognize and work against racism​

Film School Rejects: All the Movies Made Available to Watch Free in Support of Black Lives Matter

Forbes: First, Listen. Then, Learn: Anti-Racism Resources For White People​

Forbes: Allyship - The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Diversity​

Forge Medium: Performative Allyship Is Deadly (Here’s What to Do Instead): Activism can’t begin and end with a hashtag​ 
Gold House

Galeca: Performative The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics and Rotten Tomatoes Announce the "Crimson Honors" Scholarship, Awarding Financial Support to Underrepresented LGBTQ Women and Nonbinary College Students in Southern California

Guide To Allyship: An Opensource Resource to Understand the pros and cons of what being an ally entails​

Harvard Business Review: Confronting Racism at Work: A Reading List​

HellaJuneteenth: History, Information & Resources around Juneteenth​

Hello Giggles Website: Free films & shows to watch to honor the Juneteenth Holiday​

#HireBlack: Job post site to recruit diverse talent across several channels

Hollywood Reporter: "Reality Producers Group Launch Inclusive Hiring Initiative"- Plan to broaden and diversify the pool of available talent for every nonfiction production position- and to last long-term​

Houston Chronicle: 50 Black LGBTQ+ films to watch for Pride Month​

How To Survive In A Mostly White Workplace: Tips For Marginalized Employees​ How to Support Black Lives Matter Online​

Hubspot: How to Be an Ally- 23 Resources That Can Help 

Hue You Know

Inner Body: What Does It Mean To Be Nonbinary?

Intelligent: LGBTQ+ College Student Guide

Justice in June: Resources on How to Be An Ally to the Black Community​ Promoting Equity: Resources to Counter Racism​

Latino Reel

Latinx Directory: Site made and updated regularly to bridge studios and agencies with Latinx directors in the simplest way possible

LGBTQ Scholarships: The cost of college increased quite a bit in recent years, which led to more and more students looking for scholarships. Though some are only for $200 to $500, others are worth a larger amount. Many scholarships are suitable for specific types of students such as the top LGBTQ scholarships. Organizations offer these scholarships for students who face more challenges than their peers do. You may need to pay for your entire college experience on your own because your parents refuse to help or because they will not help you apply for financial aid through the FAFSA.​ Check out all the top scholarship opportunities for students who identify as LGBTQ+ and apply as soon as possible. MediaJustice is leading the fight for racial, gender, and economic equity in a digital age

Medium piece by Gretchen DeKnikker: A Getting Started Guide for White Folks (Part I)​ 5 Organizations That Empower Black Communities—and How You Can Help

Music Forward Foundation: Industry Sessions Youtube Playlist on Conversations in Music

Native American Storytellers - SAG-AFTRA Podcast​​

Online MBA: The Best Resources for Black Entrepreneurs -​ A list of organizations that offer a wealth of resources for Black entrepreneurs, including funding, education, and robust networking opportunities.

The National Gallery Museum: "Illegal to Be You: Gay History Beyond Stonewall" exhibit​

The New Yorker: "The Trayvon Generation"​

New York Post: 7 movies and documentaries about racism that you should watch now

Newsweek: Books About Race That Everyone Should Be Reading Right Now

Parade: "The Anti-Racist Starter Pack: 40 #TV Series, Documentaries, Movies, TEDTalks, and Books to Add to Your List"

Penguin UK: Nine books to help you understand race and dismantle racism​

Powell's Books: Black Lives Matter: Recommended Reading

Poynter: Journalism educators- It’s time for a heart-to-heart about mentoring students of color​

Racial Equity Tools: Tools, research, tips, curricula, and ideas to increase understanding and help work towards justice at every level – in systems, organizations, communities, and culture at large​

Recruiter.comProportional Prejudice: How Diversifying Your Applicant Pool Can Lead to a Less Diverse Workforce​

Resources that support Black Lives Matter: A list of Black-led organizations, collectives, production houses, and lists that are dedicated to supporting and uplifting Black writers, filmmakers, and creatives of color. Learn, donate, get involved, volunteer.

Resources to Help Empower Asian and Pacific Islander Communities​

Salon: White allies - Here's a basic list of do's and don'ts to help you with your helplessness

Self: 31 Resources That Will Help You Become a Better White Ally​

Sony Pictures: SONY PICTURES ACTION - Racial Equity & Inclusion Initiative ​

StaffMeUp:  Diversity and Inclusion in Film and TV Scholarships for Latin American students Scholarships for Black students Scholarships for Indigenous students Scholarships for Asian American and Pacific Islander students Scholarships for Black Women Scholarships for Latin American Women

​ Scholarships for Indigenous Women Scholarships for Transgender Students Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students in STEM

Sundance Institute’s Catalyst program builds a culture of partnership between independent investors and filmmakers. Each year, we endeavor to unlock funding for ambitious new independent films and to grow the community of indie-film supporters.
Sundance Institute’s Resources for Anti-Racism Work: A compiled list by Sundance to support antiracism work, from mental health to organizations to donate to​​

TeachRock: The Music That Shaped America Series - explore U.S. social history and events through the words and music of ex-slaves, Appalachian mine workers, Cajun farmers, Mississippi sharecroppers & more​

Think with Google: 3 ways brands can take action today to fight racial inequity​


Very Well Mind: How Does Implicit Bias Impact Behavior: Explanations & Impacts of Unconscious Bias

The Black List And Google Announce New Black Voices Fellowship: The Black List and Google on Monday unveiled the joint creation of the Black List x YouTube Originals Black Voices Creator Fellowship. The inaugural fellowship will provide financial grants and creative support to four television writers who can write exceptionally and authentically about the Black experience, in developing proofs of concept for a television show pitch.

The Voice series: Series from CSUSB professor to give a voice to underrepresented Black male students.  Watch episode 1 here​
Wall Street Journal
Your Company Says Diversity Is a Higher Priority. Now What?

"We See You White American Theatre": Data collection, testimonials, and statistics for a comprehensive list of demands calling upon white institutions to examine, change and dismantle their harmful and racist practices​

White Supremacy Culture Characteristics: Showing​ Up For Racial Justice (PDF)

Wired: What We Get Wrong About "People of Color"​

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