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Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resources​

Respect Ability: Guide to Inclusion in the Entertainment Industry- With Hollywood striving to boost diversity and inclusion, opening the inclusion umbrella for America’s largest minority – the one-in-five Americans with a disability

Respect Ability - Other​​ Resources: A plethora of other resources that are available on the Respect Ability website.​

Actors for Autism: Providing new and innovative programs for children and young adults with autism





Disability Scoop: The nation’s largest news organization devoted to covering developmental disabilities.  Daily coverage of disability news and issues that matter to the developmental disability community
The Art of Autism: Nonprofit international collaboration to display the creative abilities of people on the autism spectrum and those who are neurodivergent
Divas with Disabilities: Non-profit promoting black and brown women and girls with physical disabilities throughout media platforms
Elain​e Hall: Founder of The Miracle Project®, and star of HBO’s two-time Emmy award winning film Autism: The Musical. Has developed a methodology that creates a culture of inclusivity, enhances teamwork and inspires others to discover their purpose
Forbes:​ From Acting To Advocacy- How Diana Elizabeth Jordan Is Working To Normalize The Disability Experience In Hollywood
All About Vision:​ Guide for Visually Impaired College Students​.
NY Times:​ The Actors With Disabilities Redefining Representation- Article about performing in this challenging industry
Octane Seating: Actors with Disabilities In Film/Hollywood- In-depth information on disabilities and how they're portrayed in the world of acting, actors who have disabilities in film and Hollywood
Online Master's Degree: Big List: Resources for Grad Students with Disabilities​.
Trained Actors with Real Disabilities for Film & TV: Facebook page to bring together actors with disabilities that has kept them from working, obtaining a job in the Entertainment Industry

College Guide for Homeless Students
College Guide for LGBTQ Students
College Guide for Undocumented Students​
College Guide for Veterans
College Guide for Women in STEM
First Generation College Student Guide
College Resource for Students with Disabilities

Film Festivals

Superfest Disability Film Festival: Longest running disability film festival, which has been around for more than 30 years
ReelAbilities Film Festival: Festival promoting awareness and appreciation of people with different disabilities, founded in 2007
International Film Festival on Disabilities: A variety of situations is the very variety of human beings, showing the variety of films on disabilities internationally