Betty Abraham
image of Betty Abraham
Betty Abraham
San Francisco State University

Born in Ethiopia, Betty Abraham spent most of her childhood unschooled and at home. Subject to religious and social marginalization in one of the world’s poorest countries, she arrived in the United States at age 12 without any educational experience. With these beginnings, she never imagined her dream of becoming a doctor would be attainable.

Today, Betty is a senior at San Francisco State University majoring in cell and molecular biology and is a Minority Access to Research Careers scholar researching the persistence of HIV. She is also president of the university’s Global Medical Brigades program, which sets up short-term free medical clinics in underserved, rural areas of Honduras. Growing up in a country with little to no medical access, the issues of international health, sustainability and mobilization are very close to Betty’s heart.

Following graduation, Betty will be pursuing a dual MD/PhD course of study, so that she can continue to contribute to biomedical research and provide hands-on medical service to those in great need.