Frankie Foster
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Frankie Foster
California State University, East Bay

Frankie Foster became the primary caregiver for her younger sister at the age of 12. Her single mother was active-duty military and would be deployed for six months or more at a time. At 18, Frankie left home to pursue her dream of a college degree and began attending community college. She continued to progress with her education despite a period of homelessness and an abusive marriage.

Now the single parent of four, Frankie has a bachelor’s degree from CSU Stanislaus and is working on a master’s in educational leadership at CSU East Bay. She adeptly manages her young family, a full-time job and a full course load while earning a 3.85 GPA. Frankie is actively involved with her children’s extracurricular activities and strives to demonstrate to them that hard work improves one’s quality of life.

Frankie’s goal is to establish an organization dedicated to helping women and their children who need assistance in leaving abusive relationships.