Chloe Keller

Chloe Keller

California State University Channel Islands

image of Chloe Keller

Chloe Keller struggled to do well in elementary school. She decided to write inspirational messages to herself which she reviewed several times a day. Finally, in the eighth grade, Chloe reached her goal of earning straight A’s, and went on to become the valedictorian of her high school senior class.

As a freshman in college, Chloe is an honor roll student at California State University Channel Islands majoring in biology. Her goal now is to earn her bachelor’s degree in four years.

Chloe believes that being raised in a household with hardships helped her form good study habits. She also has a passion for volunteering and gains satisfaction from helping local non-profit organizations such as the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mentor Program, the Food Share Program and the American Cancer Society. Serving as vice president of her high school student association and president of one of the programs helped her develop leadership skills.

Chloe’s career goal is to open a dermatology clinic.