Shaniece Williams

Shaniece Williams

California State University, Bakersfield

image of Shaniece Williams

My Compassion and love for kids will help me excel in my future endeavors.

From a single-parent household, Shaniece Williams and her younger sister grew up in daycare while their mother kept the family together during good times and bad.

Shaniece’s care for and interest in her sister’s learning disability led to her involvement in special education programs at her school, especially for children with Down’s syndrome and autism. It also helped her learn firsthand how to be compassionate and nurturing toward others.

Today, Shaniece is a freshman at California State University, Bakersfield, majoring in liberal studies. She was honored to be selected to participate in Chevron’s four-year Students Training for Achievement, Reward and Success (STARS) program at the university. Students work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer, while learning professional skills. After graduation, Shaniece plans to use her degree to teach special education in elementary schools.