CSU Steering Committee on Academic Preparation and Quantitative Reasoning

(QR) Members​hip Roster, March 2021

Chair of Committee


Committee Members

Chair and Vice Chair, Committee on Educational Policy, CSU Board of Trustees

Wenda Fong, Chair

Romey Sabalius, Vice Chair

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tony Thurmond

(Alma Barreras, Government Affairs Representative)


Higher Education Advisor, Governor's Office

Lande Ajose, Senior Policy Advisor for Higher Education


President of the State Board of Education

Linda Darling-Hammond

(Ilene Straus, Vice President)


Chair of the CSU Academic Senate

Robert Keith Collins


Chief Academic Officer, California Community College Chancellor's Office

Marty Alvarado

Executive Vice Chancellor of Educational Services


CSU Student

Alondra Esquivel Garcia

California State Student Association (CSSA), Vice President of Systemwide Affairs and Vice President of Facilities and Services on the Associated Students Board of Directors, CSU San Francisco


Public School Superintendent

Mary Barlow

Superintendent, Kern County Office of Education


Senior Leader of a Community-Based Education Group

Christopher Nellum​

Executive Director, Education Trust West

Committee Meeting Notes

August 2020

Decemb​er 2020​​

June 20​21 ​​