Partners in Learning

The CSU partners with a wide range of government and educational organizations and institutions as well as leverages system-specific resources and institutes to help prepare the next generation of learners to be critical thinkers and successful students. The following is a highlight of outreach by the CSU to support greater learning:​

CSU Center for the Advancement of Instruction in Quantitative Reasoning 


The Center supports P-12 partners in the development and adoption of 12th grade classes in quantitative reasoning through facilitating professional learning for educators at the secondary level related to mathematics/quantitative reasoning.

In collaboration with the CSU Institute for Teaching and Learning, the Center also provides leadership in the pedagogy of mathematics and/or quantitative reasoning for faculty at the post-secondary level.

Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative


Through the Mathematics and Science Teacher Initiative (MTSI), the CSU has increased annual preparation of math and science teachers to nearly 1,000. To address the demand for math and science teachers, the CSU will dedicate revenue from the university operating fund to roughly double its investment in MSTI over the next four years.

​​CSU Bridge Courses in Mathematics

Bridge Courses

In collaboration with K-12 partners, the CSU Bridge Courses offer a senior year course that fulfills a “c" requirement and serves as a transition to college-level mathematics and quantitative reasoning courses. These courses provide an avenue for students to stay engaged with quantitative reasoning while improving their algebra skills depending on interests, skills and goals. The CSU Bridge course is part of the curriculum in more than 100 high schools throughout California.