Think Tank Retreat

​The CSU Partners with STEM-NET came together for a retreat ​to collaborate and discuss their Title III, part F, grants, and the development of the hub. Click on this link for more information regarding the retreat.

February 29-March 01, 2024
CSU Chancellor’s Office

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Think Tank (Hub) Participating Institutions ​

To learn more about the STEM-NET, CSU HSIs, partnering with our consortium​.

Collaborative Engagement​s

CSU, Title III Awardees, Leads​

The CSU Think Tank (Hub) is supported by the directors and project managers leading the grants and implementation efforts at their respective institutions across the CSUs.​

Leadership Synergy​

Think Tank (Hub) Resources ​​

There are many resources from data to readily accessible materials you can access to learn more about HSIs and the role that the CSUs have in it​.

Material Availability​