Tehmine Baghdasaryan

Tehmine Baghdasaryan  
Faculty Mentor
Dr. Mohamed Hassan Awad
Cal State LA
Grade Level
Master’s 2nd Year
Expected Date of Graduation
Spring 2021
Doctoral Study Field of Interest

The academic field of entrepreneurship has attracted attention from scholars since Joseph Schumpeter’s The Theory of Economic Development (1934). Tehmine is interested in innovative opportunities and their relation to profit, capital, credit, interest and business cycle. She would like to research forms of organizations that can originate from these opportunities, types of directions these organizations can take within the society and how they can trigger the political environment. Finally, as she is interested in “Theory of the World System”, Tehmine wants to learn about the overall dynamics of entrepreneurship through the lens of world system theory. All these entrepre¬neurial theories and practices are progressively relevant to the economic development of a society in developed and developing countries. Based on her years of entrepreneurship experience, in both developed and developing countries, she realizes that entrepreneurial patterns exists in countries that are very different geographically, economically, socially and politically.