Shane Burrell

Shane Burrell  
Faculty Mentor
Dr. Mihaela Popescu
CSU San Bernardino
Grade Level
Master’s 2nd Year
Expected Date of Graduation
Spring 2021
Communication Studies
Doctoral Study Field of Interest

Shane’s areas of interest include machine-human interactions, innovative technologies, media and cultural communication and Latino communication. He is currently involved in a research study exploring role adaptations of participants who use virtual reality, developing new concepts in virtual reality and an ethnographic study of Japanese adaptations of the Chicano communities in the United States. Shane’s main objective is to carry the research he is conducting on virtual reality to a Ph.D. program and develop theory on virtual reality. Specifically he hopes to establish new pedagogies and practical use of virtual reality in society and education. In the future, he would like to teach students how to use innovative technologies to implement change within their communities by showing new ways to approach specific problems that impact student communities. Shane hopes to achieve these goals through qualitative and quantitative analysis of machine-human interactions by improving academia and society using innovative technologies.