Natalya Cardona

Faculty Mentor
Dr. Begona De Velasco
California State University, Dominguez Hills
Grade Level
Expected Date of Graduation
Spring 2020
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Doctoral Study Field of Interest

Natalya is intrigued by complex human disease mechanisms such as Human Papilloma Virus infections (HPV), Diabetes 1, and Autism. She is particularly interested in understanding the genomics behind disease causation, and in developing personalized treatments. She aims to implement both experimental and computational methods to address “what networks are involved in the modulation of immune responses in HPV related cancers?” or “How can genetic and phenotypic heterogeneity of neurodevelopmental disorders be better understood?” Natalya has already participated in research projects involving from clinical studies of newborn’s heart health to computational approaches in vaccine development and autism. She is currently gaining research experience in computational biology and bioinformatics by addressing evolutionary questions about speciation.