Lorise Diamond

Lorise Diamond  
Faculty Mentor
Dr. Cezar Ornatowski
San Diego State University
Grade Level
Master’s 2nd Year
Expected Date of Graduation
Summer 2021
Rhetoric and Writing Studies
Doctoral Study Field of Interest

Lorise may be called an Afro mestizaje teacher, a multiethnic, border-crossing pedagogue who intentionally fosters heuristically inclusive academic discovery. An emerging Rhetoric/Communication Teacher-Scholar and ostensibly conscious communicator, her mestizaje approach establishes rapport, listens actively, and enthusiastically strives to achieve culturally holistic learning outcomes. Her research foci explore social and cultural stigma as the phenomenology of marginalized voices, an effort to develop counternarratives that cultivate allies and advance positive social change. Qualitative mixed methods, used in sociology, rhetorical analysis, argumentation, and ethnography, guide her research approach. Her other interests include postsecondary leadership, public policy, and public interest law. Lorise pursues a career in academia: rhetoric studies, research, and teaching, to access to knowledge, to further her theoretical understandings, to contribute outstanding scholarship, and to serve the transformational processes of social evolution through prisms of creative, academic, and professional writing, which wholly constitute her symbolic enactment of courage.