Kendra Jackson

Faculty Mentor
Dr. Andrea Moore
California State University, Sacramento
Grade Level
Master’s 2nd Year
Expected Date of Graduation
Summer 2020
Doctoral Study Field of Interest
Social Sciences

The purpose of Kendra’s research is to determine how one can measure/evaluate equitable frameworks in the public education system in respect to structural forces such as disparities in discipline, zero tolerance and structural barriers of institutions. She would like to research how learning about the inequities within public education systems provide equitable frameworks for creating new policy that will dismantle the link between the educational and criminal justice systems. Her goal is to successfully demonstrate a link between theoretical principles of sociology and resolving social problems by critically examining the relationship between restorative justice and zero tolerance policies against poor minority children in public education and how disproportional disciplinary actions against minority children have resulted in a more aggravated flow of these children through the school to prison pipeline.