Fiona Chin

Fiona Chin  
Faculty Mentor
Dr. Rachel Middleman
​Chico State
Grade Level
Master’s 3rd Year
Expected Date of Graduation
Spring 2021
Art History
Doctoral Study Field of Interest

Fiona’s research examines Neo-Rococo, a contemporary art style that revives eighteenth-century French Rococo imagery to depict groups that have been underrepresented in the western canon of art. Her thesis is a comparative analysis of the two art styles. She is studying the historical repre¬sentation of heteronormativity, gender roles, and spectatorship juxtaposed with the progression of feminism and self-expression of identities beyond the gender binary in contemporary art. Her methodology includes utilizing theories in gender, sexuality, and queer studies. Fiona’s findings will result in a greater understanding of a shift toward inclusivity in art and society and the changing definition of who is beautiful and worthy of being commemorated in art. This will contribute to the knowledge that we have about the broadening of subjects and the expansion of identities celebrat¬ed in contemporary art that subvert the elitist and classist themes within the historical European artistic tradition.