Denyz Melchor

Denyz Melchor  
Faculty Mentor
Dr. Geoffrey Lovelace
California State University, Fullerton
Grade Level
Expected Date of Graduation
Spring 2020
Doctoral Study Field of Interest

Deep in space, there are pairs of the universe’s densest objects. These include black holes (objects so dense even light can’t escape from inside) and neutron stars (city-sized stars as dense as an atom’s nucleus). As these dense objects orbit each other, they send out ripples of warped spacetime called gravitational waves. Denyz is using supercomputers to model and visualize gravitational waves from merging black holes and neutron stars. Accurate calculations of these waves are crucial for helping experiments detect as many waves as possible while learning all we can about their sources’ natures and behaviors. Using the Spectral Einstein Code (SpEC), Denyz has modeled black hole-neutron star mergers, including the emitted gravitational waves and the behavior of the neutron star as the black hole tears it apart. She is also contributing code to Spectre, SpEC’s successor, which will achieve orders of magnitude gains in performance.