Daniela Carreon

Faculty Mentor
Dr. Christopher Bickel
California State University San Marcos
Grade Level
Expected Date of Graduation
Spring 2019
Social Sciences
Ethnic Studies
Doctoral Study Field of Interest
Social Sciences​

Daniela’s research interests include sexuality, performance, and representation of masculinity, along with violence within the context of the Chicano familia. She will explore the different platforms of media representation of cis and trans-Chicano/xs, critiquing the representation and performance of masculinity conducted by men in conscious raising spaces. Other interests include, but are not limited to emotionally and mentally absent Latinx immigrant mothers and their effect on their first-generation children. Often times immigrant parents need to work an endless amount of hours and at times are too stressed, tired and/or are emotionally unavailable for their children. There is a gap in the literature; absent mothers are not studied nor are the effects of intergenerational trauma, intergenerational poverty, and resilience that they and/or their children may encounter.