CSUBUY is an integrated Source-to-Contract solution for the CSU built on the Jaggaer platform.
There are no fees required to use CSUBUY.


The CSU Public Bid Portal provides a listing of open, closed, and awarded formal solicitations for goods and services across the twenty-three campuses of the CSU and the CSU Office of the Chancellor (since 10/19/2020)

​CSU Public Bid ​Portal

CSUBUY Resources​​

The CSU offers the below resources to assist suppliers in navigating CSUBUY. Once logged into CSUBUY, suppliers can access training materials provided directly by Jaggaer. For additional questions, refer to the CSUBUY support structure below.

CSUBUY Supplier Support​

The table below identifies the appropriate CSUBUY support resources to help with technical issues, administrative questions, bidding, and contracts.

​Type of Help
​Support Resource
​For technical issues (e.g., portal navigation) or administrative questions (e.g., your organization's portal admin) on using CSUBUY
​Visit Jaggaer* Supplier Support
(*Jaggaer is the technology provider of the CSUBUY platform)
​For general questions related to an RFx event posted on the CSUBUY Public Bid Site
​Refer to the Contact name and email listed directly below the RFx number in the listing on the Public Bid Site
RFx Contact Screenshot.jpg
​For questions or assistance related to an active RFx event on which you are currently bidding
​Enter your question on the Question & Answer board within the event
QandA screenshot.jpg

Ask a Question.jpg