Sustainable Procurement

The CSU is committed to promoting environmental sustainability on all 23 campus, with programs to source clean and reliable products to enhance sustainable procurement.

​Buy Recycled

The CSU Buy Recycled Campaign is a joint effort between the campuses and the administrative offices of the CSU in support of the State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC). The CSU Buy Recycled Campaign was developed to comply with state laws requiring the procurement of recycled content products.

It is the CSU’s policy to promote environmentally responsible procurement practices. Campuses are encouraged, whenever feasible, to maximize the purchase of goods that contain recycled content or may​​ be recycled or reused when discar​​ded.

Links and Resources

  • CSU Buy-Recycled Campus Coordinator List (xlsx​)
    Contact information of all 24 CSU Buy-recycled Coordinators.
  • CSU Buy Recycled Policy
    Section 5235 of the CSU Policy Manual for Contracting and Procurement provides the detailed procurement policies surrounding the California Buy-Recycled Campaign for all CSU campuses. Policy includes statutory references.

Small Business (SB) / Disabled Veteran Business
Enterprise (DVBE) Program


Links and Resources

  • CSU Small Business and DVBE Policies (XLSX)
    Sections 5215 and 5216 of the ICSUAM for Contracting and Procurement provide the detailed procurement policies surrounding the California Small business and DVBE programs for all CSU campuses. Policies include statutory references.
  • Department of General Services Small Business and DVBE Services maintains links for California Small Business and DVBE policy as well as providing certification services and other program administration resources.

Please address any questions about participating in the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise program to Tom Johnson, CSU Systemwide SB/DVBE Advocate​​.