​​Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan Steps

As discussed in Stage 2: Master Plan Revision/CEQA, the approved Physical Master Plan is the overall planning guide for campus development. Each campus maintains a proposed schedule for implementation of projects over a five-year period in a document called the Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan. The five-year plans for all 23 campuses are compiled into a single document and presented annually to the trustees for approval.

Building projects listed in the Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan shall be included on the approved Physical Master Plan for the campus. If a proposed project is not master planned, a minor or major master plan revision must be submitted to your campus-assigned CPDC planner and approved prior to the project being included in the five-year plan.

The process and components of the Five Year Capital Outlay Plan are further explained below.

​​Call Letter

CPDC distributes a call letter annually to initiate the five-year capital planning process. This letter outlines the required submittals, provides a schedule of due dates and approval milestones for inclusion of self-support (debt-financed) projects in the five-year plan.​