​Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan (Out-Year) Steps

Self-Support projects proposed for years two through five in the five-year plan are called ‘out-year’ projects. These projects will not be considered for funding in the action-year, but are included to provide a comprehensive look at campus near-term needs. A feasibility study is not required until the project is proposed in the action-year.

To include out-year projects in the five-year capital outlay program, the following steps should be followed:​

​​Project Justification

A campus should consider the outstanding deferred maintenance and renewal needs of self-support buildings when including projects analysis derived from the study is used to generate a Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposal (COBCP). A COBCP includes a series of CSU-specific forms designed to communicate pertinent project information to the Office of the Chancellor, and eventually to the Department of Finance and the Legislative Analyst’s Office. ​

Forms include the CPDC 1-4 (project narrative—out-year), CPDC 2-7 (project budget), and other potential forms depending on the type of project being proposed. These forms will be explored more in detail in Steps B and C.​