Capital and Infrastructure Improvements:

​​​​Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan Steps

As discussed in Stage 2: Master Plan Revision/CEQA, the approved Physical Master Plan is the overall planning guide for campus development. Each campus maintains a proposed schedule for implementation of projects over a five-year period in a document called the Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan. The five-year plans for all 23 campuses are compiled into a single document and presented annually to the trustees for approval, and then submitted to the Department of Finance (DOF) and the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) capital improvement needs for five years beyond the period covered by the latest Governor's Budget each year, as required by statute.

Within the five-year plan is the Infrastructure Improvements program, which includes smaller utilities infrastructure and building system projects that provide for renewal, replacement, or improvement within academic buildings and facilities​. Projects in this section of the five-year plan range in dollar value, and often times are phased to minimize campus impacts.

The process and components of the Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan as related to Infrastructure Improvements are further explained below.

A. ​​​Call Letter

CPDC distributes a call letter annually to initiate the five-year capital planning process. This letter outlines the required submittals, provides a schedule of due dates and approval milestones for inclusion of infrastructure improvement projects in the five-year plan.​