Capital and Infrastructure Improvements:

F. Funding Approval

Projects proposed for amendment into the capital program should have an identified fund source or sources. Below is a brief description of the types of funds available for infrastructure improvement projects.

F1. Fund Types
CSU Reserves (Pay-As-You-Go, or PAYGO)
The authority also allows for the use of cash on hand, whether from appropriated funds from the Budget Act, interest earnings, or other sources.

Campus Reserves
Similar to CSU Reserves, a campus may use its local operating fund reserves, current year tuition fees, interest earnings, and donor funds, to support academic projects. There are two types of campus reserves. If the project is a renewal or replacement project, the campus should use ‘Campus-M’ reserves, denoting non-recurring maintenance and repair. If the project is an improvement, the campus should use ‘Campus-I’ reserves, denoting improvement.



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