Report of the Chair

Remarks by Murray L. Galinson
Chair of the Board
CSU Board of Trustees – Chair’s Report
September 21, 2005

Good morning everyone.

I want to thank Chancellor Reed and the staff, and especially the presidents, for moving quickly to offer enrollment at CSU campuses for university students displaced by hurricane Katrina.

Congratulations to Chancellor Reed, the university presidents, and others who helped mount an outstanding campaign to get SB 724 through the Legislature. The board really appreciates your full court press. I encourage members of the Board to send a brief note of gratitude to Senator Jack Scott and to the governor.

I am pleased note that agreements were reached with the State Employees Trades Council and the United Auto Workers unions. The Committee on Collective Bargaining ratified these MOUs last month by conference call. Congratulations to the union bargaining teams, the unit memberships, and the CSU bargaining teams for striking these agreements.

The search for president of CSU Long Beach is progressing on schedule and the search at Monterey Bay will begin later this month.

The U.S. News & World Report released its 2006 college rankings. Our faculty, staff, students, and alumni can be proud of the representation of CSU campuses in the various categories of these rankings.

That concludes my report.

Chancellor Reed, it is time for your report.