Report of the Chair

Remarks by Bob Linscheid
Chair, CSU Board of Trustees
Report to the Board of Trustees
May 9, 2012

It is now time for the Chair’s Report.

Last night we had the pleasure of honoring our former Board of Trustees chair, Herb Carter, and his wife Virginia, at the state house. We look forward to conferring the title of Trustee Emeritus on both Herb and Carol Chandler in recognition of their years of service to the CSU. Congratulations and thanks to both of them.

We also thank Melinda Guzman for her service on the board. Her term ended April 30, and we will honor her in July as Trustee Emeritus.

This will also be Student Trustee Steven Dixon's last meeting. We thank you for your service, Steve.

Also, I want to congratulate Steve Glazer on his confirmation as a CSU trustee last month.

Congratulations are due to President Garcia, who hosted the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics at Cal State Dominguez Hills last month. We thank her for maintaining such a high profile on this important issue.

Also congratulations to six CSU campuses for winning more than $2.2 million in federal National Professional Development grants. Those campuses are Chico, East Bay, Sonoma, San Diego, San Jose, and San Marcos. The majority of the grant funding will be used for professional development for science and math teachers of English learners – a major priority for the CSU.

Last but not least, we were incredibly proud to learn that Rebecca Mieliwocki, a two-time CSU alumna and a 7th-grade English teacher from Burbank was named National Teacher of the Year. She is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and she earned her teaching credential from Cal State Northridge. She will give the commencement address at Cal State Northridge's Michael D. Eisner College of Education on May 24.

That concludes my report. It is now time for the Chancellor's Report.