Report of the Chair

Remarks by Murray L. Galinson
Chair of the Board
CSU Board of Trustees – Chair’s Report
May 17, 2006

I am very pleased to note the reappointment of Trustee Debra Farar by Governor Schwarzenegger. Congratulations Debra! It would have been a shame to lose you.

This is the last meeting for student trustee Cory Jackson, whose term expires on June 30. Cory, we appreciate your viewpoints that you effectively presented throughout your term. You represented well your colleagues & it was a pleasure to work with you. In July, Andrew LaFlamme will assume the position of the voting student trustee, and we look forward to his continuing active participation.

President Norma Rees will be leaving the presidency of CSU East Bay this summer. Dr. Rees, we really appreciate your leadership for the last 15 years. The trustees, your fellow presidents and the students will miss your wise counsel.

As is our custom, we will honor retiring trustees and presidents in July.

On behalf of our fellow trustees, I want to thank Herb Carter, Roberta Achtenberg, and Jeff Bleich for successfully completing the search for president of CSU East Bay. I am delighted to announce the selection of Dr. Mohammad H. Qayoumi as president of CSU East Bay.

In late April, I participated in the ribbon cutting opening of Markstein Hall at the San Marcos campus with President Haynes. This four-story $28 million facility is the new home for the College of Business. Ken and Carole Markstein, who participated in this event, donated $5 million toward the construction.

Since July 2005, there have been a series of 40th anniversary events at CSU San Bernardino. Since opening in fall 1965 with an enrollment of 293, Cal State San Bernardino has flourished, offering more than 70 traditional baccalaureate and master's-degree programs - and a variety of education credential and certificate programs - to a student body that now numbers about 17,000. "A Legacy of Pride and Promise" black-tie gala on May 6 was a marker event in the 40th anniversary celebration. Your leadership, President Karnig , over the past 8+ years is really appreciated.

I want to thank the executive committee of the academic senate and the board of directors of the CSSA for working with us throughout the year. As a team, we can accomplish a great deal and I thank each of you for your help over these past two years that I have served as chair of the board.

The way we can provide the best education possible for our students is by the faculty, staff, administration students and trustees working together for this common goal.

I want to reemphasize something that I think we all believe as Trustees. This Board is structured so that we engage in discussion and debate as we review the key issues facing the University. The ultimate decisions made by the Board and the direction provided to the Chancellor's office, however, reflect the consensus view of the entire Board. This includes Board decisions regarding collective bargaining.

I think that it is regrettable that some groups are attempting to create the perception that decisions either could be or are being made by one or two individual Trustees. Such assertions do not reflect the reality that this Board is an open forum for exchanging ideas or that the actions taken reflect the will of a majority of Board members. To say otherwise is irresponsible and untrue. Let me add that I was disappointed some of our constituents were not present to celebrate the Wang Award recipients and attend the reception hosted by the CSSA and do not remain for the full Trustees' meeting.

The members of this board spend many hours working to make our universities the best they can be. This includes many hours visiting our 23 campuses contrary to what has been written by union officials.

I look forward to continuing our work as a collective body and appreciate all of your participation, students, faculty and administration. As a group, I believe we are doing great work on behalf of the University. We can continue to do so if we all act responsibly. It is time to stop making irresponsible and inflammatory statements and accusations that make it more difficult to work together. I would hope all the parties would agree to act responsibly.

I have truly enjoyed and been honored to be the chair of this board over the last two years. We have accomplished some historic things such as the right to grant Ed.D. degrees, improving our graduation rates, helping to better prepare high school students for college and developing programs of greater outreach. The CSU system is unique is this country and we should all be proud of what it accomplishes and work harder and together to see that continues with its mission.

Should the Board decide to follow the recommendations fo the Committee on Committees by electing the officers suggested, I believe we will have leadership that can take us to greater heights. Leading this Board of one of the truly great educational institutions in the country has been really gratifying to me. We have wonderful students & faculty of whom we should all be very proud. The leadership of our system provided by Charlie, Richard and their team, as well as the Presidents of our campuses, are second to none. I have been proud to be a member of that team.

I would like to now ask General Counsel Chris Helwick, to you give an oral report on follow-up to the resolution by the CSSA asking that gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual people and organizations be better treated on the campuses.

General Counsel Helwick reported the results of the survey of the campuses saying nine campuses have established programs and seven have instructional aspects.

Chair Galinson thanked Ms. Helwick and requested periodic reporting.

That concludes my report and I will ask Chancellor Reed to deliver his report. Again, I do want to give my heart felt thanks to my colleagues for giving me the opportunity to chair a great board.