Report of the Chair

Remarks by Murray L. Galinson
Chair of the Board
CSU Board of Trustees – Chair’s Report
March 15, 2006​

At this time I would like to formally welcome Andrew LaFlamme who was appointed to the Student Trustee position. Andrew is a graduate student at CSU Stanislaus, seeking an M.B.A. degree. Andrew, would you like to say anything?

Andrew LaFlamme: Everyone has been very welcoming to me over the last several days. I have grown to appreciate that this board is really dedicated to the educational mission. I am honored to be a part of this board.

Chair Galinson: This week, the Board of Trustees named Dr. Dianne Harrison as the next president of CSU Monterey Bay. She will begin in early summer, and this board knows that Dr. Harrison will be a very effective and imaginative leader for the Monterey Bay campus. I want to acknowledge the work performed by Roberta Achtenberg, Bill Hauck and George Gowgani for successfully concluding the search for president at the Monterey Bay campus and for being so deligent.

Another group of trustees, led by Herb Carter, are working on the presidential search for CSU East Bay and we look forward to their recommendation in a few months.

On Sunday evening, March 5, the Academy Awards annual event, held in Hollywood and broadcast around the world, conferred its Oscar awards. There was very good news within our university community. A 2000 graduate in teledramatic arts and technology from CSU Monterey Bay was part of the production team that received an Academy Award for best documentary: A Note of Triumph: The Golden Age of Norman Corwin. David Kashevaroff (Kas-she-var-roff) was a motion graphics supervisor for this Oscar winning documentary. That being said, he received an excellent education at the Monterey Bay campus and we are very proud of him.

As reported yesterday, the CSSA and the CSU have partnered to sponsor legislation making improvements in the Cal Grant program. I commend Jennifer Reimer and her CSSA staff and the chancellor and his staff for joining on this policy issue. The bill, AB 2813, was introduced by Assemblymember Hector De La Torre of South Gate.

Because their terms are expiring, this could be the last meeting for Trustees Debra Farar and Bob Foster. Debra served on this board since 1999. She was a two-term chair of the Board. Debra chaired numerous board committees including the Humboldt State presidential search that recruited Rollin Richmond and search at Stanislaus that selected Ham Shirvani.

Bob Foster served on this Board for nine years, including serving as chair of the Collective Bargaining Committee. Bob also chaired the Long Beach presidential selection committee that delivered King Alexander to us and the San Marcos committee that resulted in the selection of Karen Haynes. And, we wish you success in your election bid for Mayor of the City of Long Beach.

Should the governor choose the re-appoint Debra or Bob or both, we would be thrilled. As is our customary practice, we will honor the service of trustees whose terms were completed during the year at the July meeting.

On February 26, Chancellor Reed, several presidents, and several staff appeared at African American churches in the Los Angeles area to promote university attendance. This event, known as Super Sunday, reached over 20,000 individuals. This was a brilliant gesture to the community in letting them know they are welcome on our campuses and that we will seek them out. In a moment Chancellor Reed will provide more details about the purpose of the event.

At the last meeting, the CSSA presented a resolution asking that gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual people and organizations be better treated on the campuses. I am asking General Counsel Chris Helwick to report back in May.

That concludes my report. Chancellor Reed, please give your report.