Report of the Chair

Remarks by Murray L. Galinson
Chair of the Board
CSU Board of Trustees – Chair’s Report
March 16, 2005

The Board of Trustees met for a retreat in February. By all accounts it was a success. Former Trustees Dee Dee Myers and Denny Campbell gave presentations about trustee responsibilities from their perspective as veteran trustees. I want to thank Chancellor Reed and his staff for organizing the session.

I want to acknowledge the work performed by Debra Farar, Herb Carter and Carol Chandler for successfully concluding the search for president at the Stanislaus campus. An announcement of the selection should be forthcoming this week.

Because President Bob Maxson announced plans to leave office at the end of the year, we have yet another search to conduct. I am appointing Bob Foster as chair of the selection committee and Trustees Debra Farar and Ray Holdsworth to serve on that selection committee. They will start their work next month and it is anticipated a conclusion will be reached in the fall.

Finally, this is the last meeting for Trustee Tony Vitti. He served on this Board for 16 years, including two years as chair of the Board. We depended on his wisdom and wealth of experience. Tony, we will miss you. As is our customary practice we will honor your service in July.

Also, Shailesh Mehta’s term is ending. We hope that the Governor will see the wisdom in re-appointing Dr. Mehta. We will wait with great anticipation and optimism that this will be the case.

That concludes my report. Chancellor Reed, please give your report.