Report of the Chair

Remarks by Herbert L. Carter
Chair of the Board
Report to the Board of Trustees
July 12, 2011

Clearly the most troubling situation facing all of us at this meeting is the budget crisis. The latest action on the state budget has created an untenable situation for our universities. We are already trying to manage cuts of incredible magnitude. The threat of further cuts will have a devastating impact on our universities and students. At this point we are going to face enormous challenges in maintaining the access and service to Californians that is so crucial to our mission. This is not only a critical time for the CSU, but public higher education in our state and for California itself. The good thing I can say from this point going forward is we have an outstanding team of leaders, from our trustees and presidents to Chancellor Reed and his team. We also have hard-working and committed faculty and staff members. If anyone can help us pull through this situation, it is all of the people who make up the CSU. I am proud to be a part of the team.

Also I am proud to see so many of our supporters show their confidence through their continued assistance to our universities. To name a few from the past few weeks:

  • Cal Poly SLO's Dairy Science Department will receive $5 million over the next two years from Denver-based Leprino Foods Company;
  • San Jose State has received commitments of $1 million from Bay Area companies to fund its Engineering Pathways to Success program;
  • SDSU alumni Jim and Janet Sinegal have pledged $2.5 million to support scholarships for San Diego State University students;
  • The Lacayo Institute for Workforce & Community Studies at CSU Channel Islands has received a grant for $60,000 from the Southern California Gas Company for community outreach, workforce training, and leadership development.

Not least of our accomplishments is the large number of students graduating from our campuses this year. More than 100,000 students were eligible to graduate this spring. Some of the speakers handing out advice at our graduation ceremonies included L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez, L.A. Dodgers executive Tommy LaSorda, Univision founder Jerry Perenchio, and former CSU trustee Jeff Bleich. In fact, Jeff Bleich was awarded an honorary doctorate from San Francisco State. He had asked me to be remembered to all of you. Again, congratulations to all of our graduates.

Selection of Presidents

Last but not least, we are anticipating the need to replace several CSU presidents in the near future, as retirements occur. I want to appoint a Special Committee to Review the Board's Policy for the Selection of CSU Presidents. The proposed committee's charge would be: to review the existing policy of the board adopted on November 11, 1997 for the selection of CSU presidents and make any recommended changes at the September 2011 board meeting. I will be identifying the committee members and asking them to meet between now and the September board meeting. Additionally, I am charging the committee to review the board compensation policies and practices for system executives and recommend any changes which are viewed to be appropriate.

The committee will be chaired by Trustee Monville with the following members: Roberta Achtenberg, Steve Glazer, Melinda Guzman and Bob Linscheid.

I will now ask for the board's assent to the proposed committee.

Members of the board, that concludes my report. It is now time for the Chancellor's Report.​