Remarks by Dr. Timothy P. White – September 20, 2017

​Remarks by Timothy P. White​​
Chancellor, California State University
CSU Board of Trustees Meeting
Long Beach, CA
September 20, 2017

I, like all of you, was disheartened to learn that DACA was being rescinded in six months pending Congressional action to put its provisions into legislation.

Over the years, we have met countless DACA students, heard their stories and celebrated their achievements… and we have hired hundreds of DACA employees who contribute to our university’s mission each day.

These incredible young people whose determination and brilliance in their academic and career pursuits is matched only by their courage to come forward in spite of incredible risks to them and their families.

And each and every time I meet a Dreamer, I am reminded of… and grateful for… my own immigrant story…

While my immigration status was different six decades ago, I know the incredible challenges that my parents overcame then to get us out of Argentina and eventually to California…

I also know that at the age of nine, I had no say in the matter. My parents did what they had to do. I’m forever thankful that they did.

And like our Dreamers today, I am grateful to be an active part of this state and nation.

Certainly, many of our Dreamer students, alumni and employees – brought to the United States as young children – know no other country than this one.

This country… our country… is their country, too.

They have pledged allegiance to our flag and paid their taxes.

They have enlisted, fought and died for our country and values.

They have built businesses, purchased homes and given back to their communities.

They have – and continue to – represent the Californian Spirit and American Dream.

To our DACA students and employees… our Dreamers… please know that the California State University remains in steadfast support of you and your academic and career goals.

This support is unwavering. It is my personal commitment… and as Chancellor, I speak for the CSU.

In discussion with our trustees, they too are unanimous in support of you… as are the 23 presidents and six vice chancellors and their staff.

I want to also thank CSSA, Academic Senate, labor leadership and the many thousands of CSU students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who have come together to speak out in unison in support of our Dreamers.

Indeed, I shared many of the stories and contributions of DACA students, alumni and employees with members of California’s congressional delegation and the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. last week…

And I am pleased that many of the elected leaders I spoke to – on both sides of the aisle – recognized that DACA recipients are valued members of our university, state and nation… and that Congressional action is needed now.

I also want to thank the governor and California’s elected leaders for their quick response in support our Dreamer students.

Together, our shared message is… We will always support you.

As we move forward together, it is also our responsibility to make sure that the CSU and its campuses serve as accurate, timely clearinghouses for information relevant to our DACA students and employees.

As more information and resources become available, the CSU and its 23 campuses will utilize every communications and outreach tool available to get the word out.

For everyone here today, please take note of this vital information and share it with all those who need it…

First, your DACA status and work permits are valid until their respective expiration dates.

Second, while no new DACA applications are being accepted, existing DACA issuances and work permits that expire between September 5, 2017, and March 5, 2018, must be submitted for renewal by October 5, 2017, so that these individuals can get a two-year renewal of your status.

October 5th… Please, remember that date. This fast-approaching deadline requires all hands on deck to help identify our students and employees who qualify for renewal. I urge you to let your colleagues, coworkers, friends and family know.

Don’t wait! Get in front of the line… financial assistance is available through the state, on campus and through private organizations. More information can be found on calstate.edu.

Third, if you leave the country through Advance Parole, the Department of Homeland Security will no longer grant permission to reenter… regardless of your DACA status.

Fourth, and lastly, I encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing.

Attend your classes. Go to work.

Apply for internships. Join research projects.

Support your siblings, parents, friends, family members and all others who need your support, strength and guidance.

Continue to excel in your studies. Inspire others to succeed.

Change minds. Ignore the haters. Graduate.