Remarks by Dr. Timothy P. White – September 10, 2014

Chancellor, California State University
CSU Board of Trustees – Chancellor’s Report
Long Beach, CA
September 10, 2014

Thank you Chair Monville and I add my thanks to President Gonzalez and President Ortiz. As you approach the times you will be ending your presidencies, we will have an opportunity to celebrate your great accomplishments of principled and effective leadership.

Collaborative Conference

During the March board meeting, President Napolitano, Chancellor Harris and I discussed opportunities for collaboration among the University of California, the California State University and the California Community Colleges.

Last month, the CSU and UC jointly hosted the 2014 California Public Higher Education Collaborative Business and Administrative Services Conference at Cal State East Bay — quite a title. It was inclusive in its content and participation.

The conference brought together staff from all three segments to discuss collaboration, procurement partnerships and shared services that promote both efficiency and effectiveness, while sustaining the environment necessary for students to succeed.

Trustees’ Scholars

Congratulations again to the Trustees’ Scholars and my appreciation to those who have made this program possible.

They are extraordinary individuals, but they are also reflective of thousands of others with comparable stories — different facts but comparable stories.

We must carry these stories with us. We must be bold in our actions on behalf of our students, because the students are bold in their own lives.

Super Saturday

The California State University story is renewed as fall is upon us. It is our circadian rhythm as students are returning to campus and others, new students, start their journey with us.

We also renew our recruiting and enabling outreach into California’s communities. For example, President Hagan welcomed many future CSU students to Dominquez Hills. All told, 2,000 joined in Super Saturday just a few weeks ago.

This signature program of the CSU African American Initiative provided information to students and families on college admissions, course scheduling, financial aid, and everything associated with being a successful student.

They learn what it takes to get to and they learn what it takes to succeed in college.

Feria de Educacion

In partnership with Univision, the CSU also welcomed nearly 10,000 middle and high school students, parents and mentors to Sacramento State for the Central Valley’s second Feria de Educacion.

I was privileged to share the story of an incredible alumnus when I was visiting there with President Alex Gonzalez.

That alumnus is Eric Guerra — the son of migrant farmworkers, who became the first in his family to attend college. He served as a student leader and represented his peers on the board of trustees.

After graduating with a master’s from Sacramento State, Eric went on to serve as a legislative staff member. Today, he is a chief of staff for a prominent member of the State Assembly.

In the faces of the students I saw at Sacramento State, was the promise of many more great CSU stories.

Alex, it was an absolute pleasure to join you at Sacramento State again.

My compliments to the outreach and program staff of Sacramento State, Dominguez Hills and here in this office for all the preparation that goes into making these events a success.

They worked diligently to support two major events in different parts of the state on the same day — to tell the CSU story, and to listen to the stories of families and future students.

Entertainment Industry

Speaking of storytellers, the CSU Entertainment Industry Advisory Council met at Paramount Studios last week.

These distinguished leaders represent various facets of the film, music, and animation business. This is a very creative group, with a strong devotion to the CSU mission.

It is pretty clear that the CSU is a creative powerhouse for this industry sector.

San Francisco State alumni have been recognized with Academy Award nominations every year for the last fifteen years.

San Francisco State and CSU Northridge were also recognized by the Hollywood Reporter as two of the top 25 film schools in America.

The author of the Hollywood Reporter article accompanying the rankings wrote that “the Department of Cinema and Television Arts at CSUN is no longer Hollywood's best-kept secret.”

The secret is out. The CSU is an essential part of California storytelling, projected to the world in the products of our creative graduates.

CSU Summer Arts

The end of summer also brings another creative powerhouse to a close for the year.

Faculty and students throughout the system converged on Monterey Bay for CSU Summer Arts, where students receive intense two-week residential instruction in film, stage, television, animation, music and other arts. This includes access to cutting-edge technologies used by professionals in the industry.

CSU Summer Arts gives students the opportunity to express their own stories, while collaborating with peers and learning from each other.

It also gives students a direct mentoring experience with faculty, while introducing them to industry professionals.

CSU International Programs

Finally, I would like to express appreciation to those who traveled to Mexico City and participated in Governor Brown’s Trade and Investment Mission.

A major component of that trip was an educational agreement to deepen the academic exchange between California and Mexico.

CSU programs through the system office and campuses create opportunities for students to study abroad and for faculty to collaborate internationally with peers.

In particular, studying abroad enriches students’ stories by giving them a fresh perspective on learning. It is a proven opportunity to enhance student success.

Chair Monville, that concludes my report.​