Remarks by Dr. Charles B. Reed – July 17, 2012

Chancellor, California State University
CSU Board of Trustees Meeting: Chancellor’s Report
Long Beach, CA
July 17, 2012

Thank you, Chair Linscheid. I want to join you in welcoming our new trustees.


As Bob mentioned, I announced at the end of May that I will be retiring as chancellor as soon as a replacement is hired. It has been an incredible honor to serve as chancellor during such a dynamic period in the CSU's history. I have tremendous respect for the CSU's mission to serve California's students, and I am proud to have played a role in carrying out that mission during these critical years.

New Presidents

As the academic year starts, I feel confident that I will be leaving all of our campuses in good hands. We have hired 9 presidents who will be new this academic year—6 permanent presidents and 3 interim presidents. I believe they will each provide outstanding leadership to our campuses.

I want to welcome those presidents who are at their first board meeting today as president:

  • Thomas Cropper of Cal Maritime
  • Mildred Garcia, in her first meeting as president of CSU Fullerton
  • Willie Hagan, in his first meeting as interim president of CSU Dominguez Hills
  • Dianne Harrison, in her first meeting as president of Cal State Northridge
  • Eduardo Ochoa, interim president of CSU Monterey Bay
  • Joe Sheley, interim president of CSU Stanislaus

Also congratulations to our outgoing presidents who are at their last meeting: Al Karnig and Bob Corrigan.

Les Wong will start at San Francisco State on August 1 and Tomás Morales will start at CSU San Bernardino on August 15.

Elliott Hirshman/San Diego State

Speaking of presidents, I want to call your attention to the fact that we hired Elliott Hirschman as president of San Diego State one year ago. I asked him to raise $50 million. In one year, he has surpassed that and has raised more than $71 million.

These presidential jobs are tough jobs. We want to have good, talented people in these positions who are up for the challenge of managing a complex institution. Thank you, Elliott, for all of your hard work.


The biggest part of the agenda today is providing budget scenarios for the Board of Trustees. Without going into a recap of the entire budget presentation you heard today, I just want to say, we are faced with major holes in our budget and painful choices ahead. I am going to continue to work with the board to try to make the best of a very, very difficult situation.

Early Start

This is the first summer of our Early Start program. We are receiving positive stories from our campuses about students who can now both start and finish remediation through the Early Start Program before classes begin in the fall.

While enrollment will continue through the summer, we know that we are currently serving more than 14,000 students at their future CSU campuses and an additional 3,100 students at other CSU campuses.

We will review the program data in the fall, but we are pleased to report that the program has so far been a success.

Many thanks to the faculty and staff who are devoted to supporting our students, and to the CMS team that made the IT infrastructure available for this summer.


Next, it is my duty under the Education Code to report to you of approved changes in admission practices before those changes can be enacted.

Both CSU Long Beach and San Jose State have demonstrated that they are receiving more applications from eligible first-time freshman and upper-division transfer applicants in all academic programs during the initial filing period than there is capacity to support these applicants at their campuses.

Additionally, Sonoma State has demonstrated that it is receiving more applications from applicants in an additional academic program during the initial filing period than there is capacity to support these applicants on that campus.

All three campuses have complied with the provisions of the law that require a series of public hearings and public disclosure in advance of submitting their final program impaction requests.

CSU Long Beach and San Jose State have provided justification and have received permission to impact all academic programs beginning in fall 2013. Sonoma State has provided justification and received permission to impact the program in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies beginning in fall 2013.

Chair Linscheid, that concludes my report.