Transfer Success Pathway

Dual Admission to the CSU


Agreement Cycle: August 1 - September 30​

Students enrolling in a California community college this fall could be eligible for a dual admission program to the California State University.​

The Transfer Success Pathway (TSP) program is designed to increase access to any of the CSU's 23 universities. If academic, financial or personal hardships prevented you from attending the CSU in the past, this program could help you earn your degree at the CSU.​

To be eligible for the TSP program, you must meet the following criteria:​

  • Graduated from high school during the 2024 year. ​
  • First-time freshman who either:
    • ​Wasn’t eligible to attend the CSU at the time you graduated from high school; Or 
    • Didn’t attend a CSU because of personal or financial reasons.​

Eligible students can apply to the program to:​

  • ​Graduated high school in 2024 or prior, and did not receive any college credit after high school graduation
  •  En​ter into an agreement with the CSU and receive guaranteed admission to the degree program and campus of your choice. Please note:
    • You must meet all TSP requirements within three years.
    • Available degree programs vary by each CSU.
  •  Receive personalized guidance from CSU representatives to create an educational plan that will help you transfer in three years or less.
  •  Map out your coursework using the CSU Transfer Planner portal to ensure you’re on track to earning your degree.

Discover your future at a CSU by searching for a TSP-eligib​le program below:​​


TSP Frequently Asked Questions   ​CSU Transfer Planner   Download Brochu​re​

As guided by the Governor’s Council for Postsecondary Education’s “Recovery with Equity” report and the postsecondary education trailer bill AB 132, the Transfer Success Pathway program will help improve the student transfer experience. It also will address potential inequities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, issues with academic preparation and other challenges facing high school students.​