What We Do

The California State University's Chancellor’s Office Information Technology Services (ITS) provides systemwide technology services that serve our 23 campuses enabling efficient, effective support of students, faculty and staff across the state.

Enhance collaboration and shared services

  • We support technological collaboration via systemwide working groups, shared tools and ITS’s annual Cal State Tech conference.
  • We support common enterprise systems used throughout the CSU and include our student, financial and human resources systems. We share a single, common financial system and will soon share one common HR system, as well.
  • We provide a common network infrastructure, supporting all campuses with standard networking equipment, including routing and switching, wireless equipment, network security firewall devices, and network management tools.

Support strategies that accelerate student success

  • The CSU’s ‘Graduation Initiative 2025’ requires innovation in order to leverage data that helps meet our goal of student success. ITS is transforming the way that data can be accessed and analyzed.
  • We are building a collective repository for CSU campus data to facilitate easy access to systemwide business intelligence, efficiency metrics and student success information.
  • We support interoperability between the campuses and the resources that their student and faculty access each day with our shared, federated approach to identity management.

Advance forward-thinking initiatives

  • ITS emphasizes innovation by funding inventive campus projects. The Chancellor’s Office ITS Innovation Grants encourage pioneering campus projects that embrace new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality learning. This launching pad for innovation creates opportunities for campuses to develop, test and then share new ideas across the system.