Eliza Matley

​California State University, Stanislaus
Haworth Family Scholar

Eliza Matley

I want to become a compassionate, empathetic person who uses my talents to help others.

​​​As the daughter of a military father and a stay-at-home mother who volunteered in the community, Eliza Matley continues a family tradition of serving others. She faces many obstacles in the financing of her dream to become a doctor, but finds ways to keep going. Eliza works several part-time jobs year-round, because she knows she can make a difference through her chosen career path.

She coaches youth basketball, volunteers as a facilitator for young children and recently volunteered more than 60 hours with Emanuel Medical Center's emergency services. Eliza is dedicated in her study of pediatrics and efforts to help others. As a two-year dean's list honoree with a 3.95 GPA at California State University, Stanislaus, she has earned several merit-based scholarships. Eliza is an exceptional student and member of the Stanislaus community who strives for her goals no matter what the opposition.