Maylin Caldwell

​California State University San Marcos
Wells Fargo Scholar

Maylin Caldwell
I plan to establish a sustainable farm and store to create jobs, help improve the quality of our environment, and give the local community access to natural products at a fair price.

​​Maylin Caldwell was one of three female marines sent to Afghanistan in 2011 with a unit of over 200 men. During the seven month deployment, Maylin completed over 100 supply distribution and rescue missions, receiving medals for her efforts. Due to traumatic experiences abroad, Maylin developed post-traumatic stress disorder, making the transition from the military to civilian life very challenging. Nonetheless, Maylin maintained a 4.0 GPA for three years while majoring in biology at Palomar College, was selected for the 2014 Community College Academic Team and is a National Institutes of Health Bridges Scholar.

Currently, Maylin conducts biology research at California State University San Marcos, interns at an organic farm, works as a science tutor at Palomar College, and is a STEM ambassador for local youth. She transferred to California State University San Marcos for the fall 2015 term. In the future, Maylin plans to obtain a doctoral degree in plant biology, conduct sustainable farming research, and build a sustainable organization that benefits underrepresented communities and the environment.