Andy Nguyen

San José State University 
Trustee Emeritus William Hauck and Padget Kaiser ​Scholar

Andy Nguyen
My vision is to continue generating resources for educating special needs children globally by using my passion in photography.

​​Andy Nguyen overcame many challenges. He was raised by a single mother in Vietnam, diagnosed with epilepsy at six years old, struggled with depression and learned English later in life. Yet, Andy has used his experiences to improve his life and the lives of others.

Andy is currently a junior at San José State University, earning a bachelor’s degree of fine arts in graphic design. He uses his passion for photography to benefit children with disabilities through his numerous fundraising exhibits and has been recognized several times for his work in the community.

Andy’s ultimate goal is to earn a master’s degree and teach art at a local high school. In addition, he plans to continue his volunteer work and add a global component to help children with disabilities worldwide.