Marisa Samano Jimison

San Francisco State University
Trustee Emerita Claudia H. ​Hampton Scholar

Marisa Samano Jimison
Sometimes the classroom is the only stability a student has access to and educators become the only source of support.

​​Marisa Samano Jimison has overcome many obstacles, including the stress of chr​onic mental illness within the family which negatively affected her home life and her high school studies. Yet, Marisa remembers her mother instilling in her at a young age appreciation for the importance of education and always doing your best.

With these values, Marisa persevered. Following a life path which including transferring to a continuation school and becoming a hairstylist, Marisa eventually enrolled at San Francisco State University.

Marisa is now pursuing a dual bachelor’s degree in English education and Spanish with a minor in comparative literature. She is also the first in her mother's family to go to college.

After graduation, Marisa plans on becoming a high school teacher or college professor so that she can work with urban and immigrant youth.