Malika Melissa Murray

California State University, Sacramento
Trustee Emeritus Murray L. Galinson Scholar

Malika Melissa Murray
Education has changed my life... and it is through perseverance in school that I was able to become a professional who pulled my family out of a life of poverty.

​​An Afro-Latina single mother of three children, Malika Melissa Murray overcame the labels of an at-risk, minority, low-income and marginalized person of color. Today, she is a third year doctoral candidate in the educational leadership program at California State University, Sacramento.

Malika’s commitment to improving opportunities for marginalized students has led her to participate in a variety of volunteer activities at school and in the community. As the creative director at the non-profit Sisters of Nia, Malika helps provide a culture-based after-school program for middle school girls from urban communities.

After completing her doctorate, Malika plans to become a professor in a teacher preparation program and develop new theories, pedagogies and practices to improve the lives of marginalized students while advancing humanity.